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"This house is-Bitchin'?"
"Cecile Horton and Joe West"
—Luck Be a Lady

The West house was the home of the West family. The house was partly destroyed by King Shark, and later broken into by Zoom.


The house was originally bought by Joe West's great-uncle for less than $15,000.[1]

The West house became Barry Allen's home after Joe West took him in at the age of 11.[2]

Barry eventually had his own place, but with reasons like "it is getting hard to hide the blasting in and out of my apartment at all hours of the night from my neighbors", he moved back into the house after Iris West moved in with Eddie Thawne.[3]

Joe re-investigated and went through the evidence of Nora Allen's case at the West house;[4] though the attempt of discovering the truth was put to a halt when the Man in the Yellow Suit barged in and swiped all the evidence, along with the effective display of warning by stabbing a knife on a picture of Iris.[5]

The West house was the place Barry finally confessed to Iris about his feeling for her.[6]

Joe threw a small Christmas party at the West house to celebrate the holiday and to lighten up the mood of the aftermath of Barry's encounter with the Man in the Yellow Suit; it became where Cisco shared his conclusion with Joe: the night of Nora Allen's murder, there were in fact two speedsters, not just one.[6]

The West house was the first (ending up being the only) location of Barry's second date with Linda Park.[7]

Barry, without confirming it with Joe first, offered the West house as a temporary shelter to Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond; Joe was fine with it after the belated asking-for-permission and the introduction of the guests. They, however, did not get to share the whole truth with Joe about why they had to stay somewhere else, as Iris showed up right before they could elaborate a bit more on the topic; Caitlin then lied to Iris, saying that they were offered the hospitality because her apartment had a gas leak.[8]

The roof was ripped open by King Shark in his hunt for the Flash, in front of Wally West, who felt Barry's subsequent disappearing act made him a coward, and hardly the "golden boy" his father and sister described (although the real reason Barry vanished was to assume his Flash identity and deal with King Shark).[9]

After defeating Black Siren and stopping the Metapocalypse, Iris organized a surprise party for Barry and Henry at the house to celebrate Henry Allen's release from prison, along with Joe, Wally, Caitlin, Cisco, Jesse, and Dr. Tina McGee in attendance. After the group made a toast, Zoom broke into the house and abducted Henry, taking him to the Allen house, and forced Barry to speed after him, revealing Barry's secret identity to Wally.[10]

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