"Um, Barry? Why can't I get inside my own house?"
Cecile Horton[src]

The West house is the home of the West family. It is located in Central City on Earth-Prime.


When Iris West-Allen took a break from college, she returned to the house but had a hard time living with Joe because she was an adult with her own lifestyle that was not totally complimentary with his.[1]

At some point in time, Joe West, Cecile Horton and Jenna West moved into this house.[2]

The house was used by Joe, Frost and Kamilla Hwang, as a hologram of Iris West-Allen, to set a trap for Kimiyo Hoshi. However, she attacked Joe and Frost before getting the order from Joseph Carver to cancel the assassination.[2]

Wally West came to the house to visit and impressed everyone with his ability to create holograms.[3]

Since he was evicted by "Iris", the Mirrorverse version of his wife, Barry came here to get his thoughts together. When Cecile arrived, she could not enter the house because Barry had blocked the door with so many boxes and crates as he worked on how to prove that his wife was replaced.[4]

While working at home, Cecile became terrified when Psych emitted a wave of energy until Joe arrived and calmed her.[5]

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