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"According to the timeline, before the end of summer, several kids went missing, never to be seen again."
"Well, I happen to know a swamp thing. But then again, Maine is way too far north for that muppet."
Sara Lance and John Constantine

"Wet Hot American Bummer" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifty-fifth episode overall. It aired on November 12, 2018.




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"Wet Hot American Bummer" begins with a couple of camp guides making out on a sea shore. In a little while, they're assaulted by an animal rising up out of the lake, but is actually a film that Sara and Ava are viewing.

Sara delays the film and discovers it depended on a genuine assault in 1995. Presently Gideon calls and educates her regarding the chronological error. Sara welcomes Ava to enable the Legends to address the erroneous date.

Sara takes Ava to the base degree of the Waverider and acquaints her with Charlie, who's despite everything stuck looking like Amaya.

The gathering at that point collects and goes to Camp Ogawa in 1995. There, they're appeared around the camp by the lead advisor and they split into gatherings to begin holding with the camp children.

Constantine separates from the gathering to make a salt obstruction around the camp.

Soon thereafter, one the of the young ladies from Sara and Ava's lodge escapes into the forested areas to play with a kid camper. They're going to kiss when something takes them both.

The following morning, the Legends notice that in any event one child from every one of their lodges is absent. They advise the camp executive, yet she says it's something that happens each year.

Attempting to discover more data, Constantine chooses to have a go at spellbinding the children in his lodge.

In the young lady's lodge, Sara is attempting to bond and get data that way yet it's not brisk enough for Ava. She arranges the young ladies to the foot of their beds and starts addressing them.

On the Waverider, Charlie claims to get took out. When Zari goes to determine the status of her, Charlie overwhelms Zari and detains her. Charlie gets away from the room. She's attempting to leave the Waverider when she's halted by Mick, who returns her to her enclosure.

One of the young ladies at long last breaks and enlightens Ava and Sara concerning the legend of a lake brute. She says the best way to see him is to get to the dock alone and state his name.

That night, the gathering goes to the dock to explore. Ava goes to the dock alone as the other three wait. Ava says the lake mammoth's name and something leaps out of the water frightening her. Turns out the "beast" is a mannequin and the young ladies in her lodge have pulled a trick on her.

The following day, Ray and Constantine are looking through the forested areas when they go over old reptilian skin on the floor. The glance through Constantine's book of mysterious animals, attempting to distinguish the skin.

Back on the Waverider, Mick and Charlie are holding over beverages.

Soon thereafter, Ava and Sara take an elixir of Constantine's that will change them to their high schooler years.

Constantine and Ray are watching the forested areas when Constantine utilizes a spell that makes a light which will follow the shirt of one of the missing children. On their approach to follow the light, Constantine cautions Ray to not connect with Nora Darhk. The light leads Nate and Constantine to a once-over shack.

As youngsters, Ava and Sara converse with the young ladies in their lodges. Since the young ladies don't have the foggiest idea about the new young ladies are Ava and Sara, they let the cat out of the bag on the two missing children. They enlighten them regarding a string that leads out in the forested areas campers should follow on the off chance that they need to take somebody out in the forested areas for their first kiss.

Sara and Ava follow the string and toward its finish, they locate the camp executive — who's obviously the one taking children — with a couple of nursery shears. The two assault the camp executive and toss cayenne pepper at her. Charlie catches the circumstance and advises them the beast they're searching for acts like a youthful, attractive person and not a more established lady.

Simply at that point, the lead camp guide ventures out into the opening and starts battling Sara and Ava.

Ray and Constantine discover the entirety of the missing children and the shack. Utilizing a bit of the skin the beast abandoned, Constantine and Ray play out a spell to give the children life once more.

The spell debilitates the beast and Sara and Ava keep battling it. The two can in the long run stop the beast and cut it with a wooden stick, executing it.

One of the children didn't wake up at the shack and John fears the most noticeably terrible. The performer begins playing out another spell, giving the child his own life power, obviously executing himself all the while. In a little while, John awakens back and the group gets him back to the Waverider.

John's mixture wears off Ava and Sara and they return their past age.

Somewhere else, Nora has taken an occupation taking a shot at a renaissance reasonable.


Preparation ran from July 31 until August 9, 2018. Shooting ran from August 10 until August 22, 2018.[1]


  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature Nick Zano (Nate Heywood) and Ramona Young (Mona Wu) after signing on as series regulars.
    • In reality, Zano took time off at the time of filming when his daughter spent a month in the NICU at the British Columbia Children's Hospital 24 hours after his wife Leah began to suffer complications from giving birth which in-turn caused their child to have a nine-hour life-saving surgery followed by a two-hour procedure.[2]
  • The episode's title is a reference to the 2001 film Wet Hot American Summer.
  • Camp Ogawa is named after Arrowverse producer Carl Ogawa.
  • In the New York market, this episode and the Arrow episode "The Demon" moved to Saturday night due to coverage of the Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and San Fransico 49ers.
  • Constantine mentions that he knows "a Swamp Thing": he made his DC comic debut on the pages of Swamp Thing, as an ally to the hero of the same name. This is the second time Constantine mentions Swamp Thing/Alec Holland; a promotion for the NBC Constantine series also referenced the character.
  • When the information for the parody movie Swamp Thaaaang is shown, the director is seen to be David Geddes. Geddes has actually directed multiple episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, including this one. The film franchise is a spoof of both the comic book Swamp Thing, and the real-life films and TV series based on it.
    • The episode's plot and the film franchise was also a reference to the horror film series Friday the 13th with it being a story of a swamp based monster killing teenaged campers out at night.
  • This is the first episode to feature Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk) as a series regular.
  • Constantine tells Ray he had a friend like him who was "Someone good, someone who trusted me. Be smarter than him." This could be a reference to either Desmond or Gary Lester.