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Not to be confused with the attorney and counselors at law in Central City, Weathersby & Stone LLP.

"Well, there is a limit to the glamour, unfortunately. I spend my days in document production—and answering interrogatories. It doesn't feel like practicing law so much as... pushing papers."
Joanna de la Vega[src]

Wethersby & Stone LLP was a corporate law practice located in Star City.


Sometime following CNRI's destruction in the Undertaking, Joanna de la Vega became a legal aid attorney at Wethersby & Stone LLP.

In early 2014, after being fired from the district attorney's office, Laurel Lance visited Joanna at Wethersby & Stone LLP, wishing to apply for a job at the practice. However, one of the firm's partners who serves at the Bar was aware that disciplinary proceedings would be conducted regarding Laurel's fitness to practice law. Thus, Wethersby & Stone wouldn't hire her.[1]

In late 2019, the practice ceased to exist due to the destruction of Earth-1 during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. It is unknown whether or not it was restored on Earth-Prime.

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Behind the scenes[]

  • The firm's name is likely a reference to Jordan Weathersby and Eli Stone, two main characters in one of Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim's previous series, Eli Stone. The name also references a law firm co-owned by the two characters, Weathersby & Stone.