Not to be confused with the attorney and counselors at law in Central City, Weathersby & Stone LLP.

Wethersby & Stone LLP is a corporate law practice located in Star City.


Sometime following CNRI's destruction in the Undertaking, Joanna de la Vega became a legal aid attorney at Wethersby & Stone LLP.

In early 2014, after being fired from the district attorney's office, Laurel Lance visited Joanna at Wethersby & Stone LLP for a job interview. However, one of the firm's partners who served at the bar was aware that disciplinary proceedings would be opened regarding Laurel's fitness to practice law. Thus, Wethersby & Stone wouldn't hire her.[1]

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Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • The firm's name is likely a reference to Jordan Weathersby and Eli Stone, two main characters in one of Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim's previous series, Eli Stone. The name also references a law firm co-owned by the two characters, Weathersby & Stone.


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