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"There's two types of every legacy, two versions of what we leave behind. There's the good and then the bad. You just really have a lousy habit of focusing only on the bad."
Thea Queen to Oliver Queen

"What We Leave Behind" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-first episode overall. It aired on December 7, 2016.



Artemis visits Prometheus and gives him the addresses of Oliver's known associates. Artemis reveals to Prometheus she needs to be there when he slaughters Oliver, though Prometheus says that he's merely going to make Oliver wish that he were dead.

Thea plans a Christmas celebration for Oliver and the remainder of the city staff. Oliver inquires as to whether she's recuperated from the Dominators' psyche games, before Susan Williams strolls in as Oliver's date. Felicity's likewise at the gathering with her beau Billy Malone. She shakily acquaints Billy with Curtis and his husband. Felicity at that point makes an awful show of covering for Curtis' late evenings as Mr. Terrific.

In the mean time, Rory and Rene are spending time with Diggle and John Jr. at the Arrow Cave for their own holiday festivities. Artemis shows up with presents for the remainder of the group (custom stockings) which delights everybody. Additionally, Rene implies that he has a child, yet gets interrupted before Diggle can start asking questions.

After Oliver gives a speech at the gathering, both Susan and Felicity congratulate him; Felicity makes it awkward for everyone by bringing up the idea of a double date. Curtis follows Paul out of the party, since Paul caught him in a lie about how he spends his nights. As Curtis attempts to come clean with Paul, Prometheus appears and mercilessly assaults Curtis. Prometheus leaves Curtis bloodied and unconscious while Paul calls for help.

Curtis awakens in the medical clinic with Paul close by. Paul asks how Curtis knows how to fight well enough to stave off the Throwing Star Killer, but Felicity and Oliver show up before Curtis can say anything. When Paul leave the room to speak to Detective Malone, Curtis says that Prometheus must realize that he's Mr. Terrific, which implies that Prometheus knows the rest of the group's secret identities.

Outside the hospital room, Billy demands that Felicity stay with him until he gets Prometheus. Oliver reveals that the Throwing Star Killer had injected Curtis with Dycloserol (a TB drug), a drug that appears in an old SCPD case. It turns out the medication was attached to a pharmaceutical organization proprietor named Justin Claybourne, who was on Robert Queen's list. Oliver killed Claybourne so as to prevent him from price-gouging TB medication four years ago.

Felicity briefs the group about Prometheus' connection to Claybourne, so they research one of his old warehouses. Prometheus drives Green Arrow into an abandoned office and begins to fight him. Prometheus gets the advantage, however Wild Dog shoots Prometheus' blade out of his hand. Artemis reveals her hand and attacks Wild Dog. Artemis argues that the city should be spared from Oliver and shoots a flash bang to cover their departure.

Team Arrow meet up at the Arrow Cave while Diggle sends their friends and family to an ARGUS safe house. They discovered a few remains at the distribution center, so Felicity has Rene and Rory start a DNA test. Felicty then meets up with Billy, who is one step behind Green Arrow in their investigation. Although Felicity begs him to stay off the case, Billy won't abandon his duty as a cop and walks out.

Rory calls Curtis to tell him about Evelyn's betrayal, just as Paul walks into the hospital room with supper. Curtis finally tells Paul that he works with Green Arrow, however Paul's reaction is less than ideal. He says that Curtis has to choose between being a vigilante or being his husband.

Felicity discovers that the remains belong to Justin Claybourne himself, which makes it impossible for him to be the Killer. In a flashback to Oliver's initial assault on Claybourne, he threatens him with a blowtorch to stop the price gouging. He then leaves him with an arrow in the leg as a warning.

Billy heads to the Claybourne distribution center and finds a lockbox containing a child's picture. He sends a photograph of the image to Felicity not long before Prometheus discovers him and attacks him.

Back in the Arrowcave, Felicity attempts to make sense of the connection between the infant picture and Prometheus.

In a flashback, we get somewhat more foundation on Claybourne: he made weaponized TB to gouge costs and make a requirement for his TB sedate. Oliver pledges to kill him, however Diggle cautions Oliver that there will outcomes to his actions one day.

Adrian discloses to Oliver that Prometheus has kidnapped Billy and persuades Oliver to put a "Shoot to Kill" request on Prometheus.

Felicity discovers that Claybourne had a child, which persuades that Prometheus is Claybourne's child. Besides, Oliver says that Prometheus knows quite certain moves, which persuades that Prometheus followed Oliver's preparation so as to get ready for vengeance.

Thea gets ready so as to assist Oliver with discovering Billy. Thea reminds Oliver that there's different sides to each heritage, two variants of what we leave behind.

Curtis appears at the Arrow Cave to assist Felicity with discovering Billy. We at that point see a flashback when Felicity helped Oliver track down Claybourne's mystery bootleg market gathering. Oliver recalls the location to that underground market gathering and understands that is the place Prometheus has Billy.

Oliver finds a body in Claybourne's mystery office in the specific situation of where he dropped a portion of Claybourne's bodyguards. Oliver follows a path of bodies, all are in a similar position as bodyguards Oliver murdered four years prior. He confronted Prometheus in the exact spot where Claybourne was killed. Prometheus asked whether Green Arrow had even hesitated when killing Claybourne or if his father was merely another name on The List. Green Arrow tried to goad his opponent, stating he is here if he wanted revenge, but Prometheus replied that his crusade was about so much more than simple revenge. They begins to battle.

After they collide with a lower floor, Prometheus reveals to Oliver that he's examined him and will take everything from him piece by piece. Oliver sees Prometheus somewhere off to the side and shoots him multiple times in the chest. Oliver discovers that it was a ruse, and that it was just a gagged Billy wearing Prometheus' suit. As Oliver processes what he's done, Prometheus tells Oliver that everyone he comes into contact with dies.

Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave and discloses to Felicity that he incidentally murdered Billy. He explains the situation to the group, and Felicity says this was Prometheus' fault. Oliver tells the group they ought to get as distant from him as could be expected under the circumstances. Regardless, Diggle remains close to him and says they are exactly where they're supposed to be.

Curtis comes home to discover Paul packing his stuff, and headed to his brother's. Paul says that he wouldn't like to drag Curtis away from his new life, however he additionally wouldn't like to stay to watch Curtis bites the dust.

Lyla calls Diggle and requests that he get to the sheltered house, as something isn't right with JJ. At the point when he gets to the safehouse, a group of F.B.I. agents are there to arrest Diggle.

Oliver appears at Susan's condo and says he didn't have the foggiest idea what other place to go. Oliver admits to Susan that he ruins individuals' lives. Susan says that Oliver just focuses on the negative and begins to kiss him.

The following morning, Oliver strolls unto the Arrow Cave and finds none other than Laurel.


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Preparation ran from September 29 until October 10, 2016. Filming ran from October 11 until October 20, 2016.[1]


  • Oliver mentions Die Hard as one of his favorite Christmas movies. That movie also happens to be Stephen Amell's favorite Christmas movie in real-life, which he mentioned that the script was an ad-lib, and also got to fill in the blank.
    • Oliver also mentioned his second favorite Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Life, claiming to have seen it "last week." This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the previous week's episode, "Invasion!", whose premise was similar to It's a Wonderful Life.
  • This episode marks the first full appearance of "The Hood" since "Broken Dolls".
  • This is the first episode to feature flashbacks that take place during Season 1 instead of the flashback story line.
  • When Curtis is talking to the team about Evelyn's betrayal, he mentions the 1984 horror movie adaptation, Children of the Corn.
  • Oliver and Tommy were mentioned to have been trying to impress Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova.
  • The flashbacks in this episode take place between the end of "Damaged" and "Trust but Verify" since Diggle is a member of Team Arrow, but still questions why Oliver so firmly believes in The List, implying that the conversation about how Oliver found his father's message hasn't happened yet. It is confirmed that the flashbacks take place before "Betrayal" since Felicity is not a member of the team yet.
  • Katie Cassidy was credited in the end credits so her appearance in the episode wouldn't be spoiled.
  • Felicity breaks the fourth wall in this episode when she says "Well, in our town, people who are dead turn out to be secretly alive almost every Wednesday." For its first five seasons, new episodes of Arrow aired on Wednesday nights. This is also a foreshadowing to the cliffhanger ending of a seemingly very much alive Laurel Lance.
  • Evelyn betraying Team Arrow is reminiscent of The New 52, which depicted Evelyn joining the Birds of Prey but later betraying the team to Mr. Freeze.
  • This is the fifth Christmas-themed episode of Arrow.
  • The title reference the line from Thea's conversation with Oliver about the types of legacies he leaves behind.