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"You're not Bruce Wayne."
"And you're not Batwoman.
Ryan Wilder and Hush

"Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?" is the first episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the twenty-first episode overall. It aired on January 17, 2021.



Ryan Wilder talks to Susan Stevens.

Years ago, the Wonderland gang was squatting in an apartment when its landlord, Cora Lewis, and Ryan Wilder entered; before Ryan could be killed as the two others were, Alice entered and told her minions to exit, leaving Ryan in mourning. Ryan's life spiraled downhill from there. The night before she is scheduled to see her parole officer, a plane explodes over the van she calls home, dropping its contents and passengers, including the Batwoman suit which Ryan finds.

Days ago, the Bat Team had a meeting where Luke Fox was adamant that Kate Kane should go to National City and get permission from Kara Danvers to destroy the Kryptonite Kara gave Kate. Kate decided to go and left a note to Sophie Moore in her safe for Julia Pennyworth to retrieve only if Kate does not return.

The plane that exploded was Kate's private jet. Jacob Kane and the Crows work with the GCPD, but Kate is not found.

Meanwhile, "Bruce Wayne" has returned to Gotham City; Luke takes him into the Batcave so he can help in the search for Kate. "Bruce" is interested in the kryptonite shard and Luke relinquishes it without a second thought. When "Bruce" asks for his suit, the search intensifies.

Ryan has decided that since she now has the suit, she will get vengeance for the death of her adoptive mother and seeks Alice. When Mary Hamilton and Luke confront Ryan to return the suit to them, Ryan refuses.

Alice tells Jacob that Kate was Batwoman.


"Bruce" wants the suit badly and decides to get it himself so he finds the Batmobile and pursues Ryan.

Julia, who got suspicious of "Bruce" when he did not know who "Eagle" is, gets a fingerprint sample from a glass "Bruce" used and discovers that he is Tommy Elliot and alerts the Bat Team who in turn alerts Ryan who no longer wants the suit after she has researched Kate and feels that Kate was heroic, not her. Ryan is told not to give the suit to Tommy, so she decides to fight him for it. He shoots her with the kryptonite, but she fakes her death so that she can beat him; she beats him so badly that his false face comes off.

Elsewhere, Julia gives Sophie Kate's letter, revealing to her that Kate hated lying to the woman she loved about her secret identity.

Infected wound.

Ryan returns the suit to the Bat team after they send Tommy to Arkham and retrieve the Batmobile. Looking into the night sky, Ryan sees the Bat-Signal, but feels a pain; her wound from being shot is infected.

In the sewers beneath the city, Alice opens a paper plane; it is the obituary of Kate. Written inside is a note saying "Consider Us Even". As Alice cuddles the body of Mouse, she declares war on Safiyah Sohail.

The Bat-Signal is active because Jacob is waiting for Batwoman to come; he cries as there is no answer...



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  • Luke tells "Bruce" that it's been four years since the latter left Gotham. It has actually been five years (Oliver Queen had stated in 2018 that Bruce had left Gotham three years previously).[2]
    • However, the timeline for that could've changed slightly as result of Earth-1 merging into Earth-Prime since Oliver made that statement.