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"You don't want to know what he did to the guy that sliced his throat, we call him Whisper now"
Julio Mendez to Barry Allen about Whisper[src]

An unnamed man, called Whisper, is a criminal working for Elliott Cotrell.


Early life

At some point, the man was a gang leader; he tried to recruit Julio Mendez but when he refused, Wayne Cotrell came to fight him in order to defend Julio. At some point, he became a singer, run by the mob. At some point, the mob slashed his throat but he survived and got the name "Whisper" in the process. In 1989, Elliot was working for Elliott Cotrell and one night, when Elliott lost his temper and beat up Linda Lake, Whisper helped him cover his tracks by killing Suzy Storm, putting her corpse in Linda's car, and exploding it in order to frame Wayne for Linda's death.[1]

Wayne Cotrell execution

In 1990, the night where Wayne Cotrell was supposed to be executed, he killed Dave Buell and searched his corpse in order to find a tape that could prove Wayne's innocence. As a Take Five security guard, he authorized Barry Allen, a CSI, to enter. Minutes later, he blocked a man at the Take Five entrance only to realize that it was Julio Mendez and Allen came to tell him that he was with him. After their discussion with Elliott, Elliott called Whisper to talk. Whisper told him that the tape wasn't on Dave's body. Elliott ordered Whisper to kill Julio since he could no more. Later, he followed Julio at the morgue but when he was about to kill him, a morgue attendant appeared, and he had no other choice but to hide. He followed Julio and Barry Allen to S.T.A.R. Labs. There, he learned that Tina McGee has the tape, and he went to stole it once she was alone. Later, Whisper arrived and show Elliott the reconstruction of the tape that he stole from S.T.A.R. Labs. They went down to the basement and Whisper told Elliott that they should kill Julio and Barry Allen. He told Elliott that they should also Linda as well. Elliott insisted that Linda's voice built the club, and Whisper reminded him that she was trying to leave Elliott and record under a new label. Whisper reminded him that he stopped Elliott from beating Linda to death and came up with the plan to kill Suzy and framed Wayne. He told him that now, they had enough of Linda's "unreleased" tape to earn money for a long time. Elliott gave his authorization to kill Linda but far away from the club and asked him to make sure the body is unrecognizable. When whisper tried to get Linda, he saw the Flash inside the room, and he trowed him off the window. He brought Linda down stairs but encounter Julio who knew everything, and Whisper tried to kill him. The Flash came and knocked him, but he got up and fought him again inside the club and the Flash knocked him out again by trowing him against a clock. He was later, arrested.[1]


The Flash


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