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"Where's the mask?"
"You don't need it anymore. You've lived in the shadows long enough.
Sara Lance and Laurel Lance[src]

The White Canary suits are a series of protective suits that Sara Lance wears during her exploits as White Canary. The first was created by Cisco Ramon.


First suit[]

Sara Lance inspiring Legends Pilot Part 1

First suit.

Urging her to join Rip Hunter's team, Laurel Lance presented the suit to Sara Lance, having had Cisco Ramon create it, similarly to the Green Arrow suit. The suit is almost identical to her previous Canary suit but instead of black, it's all white. Moreover, the top includes a high-halter neckline, instead of the bustier from her original costume, covering her up until the neck. However, during her initial appearances with this suit, she did not wear a jacket or gloves. Sara's White Canary suit also does not include a mask.[1]


Sara Lance at the Vanishing Point in Fellowship

Sara wearing her Canary suit.

The suit was later modified to include a new white long jacket with two coattails reaching down to mid-thigh and white gloves. The new jacket can be buttoned a bit over the waist, as it has one button on its middle part.[2] Sara continued wearing this variation of the suit, though she did not always wear the gloves.[3] The suit was again modified, first worn during the Dominator invasion,[4] this time shortening the jacket and exposing the neck area of the top, though still covering her cleavage, making the suit more similar to her original Canary suit.[5] Near the end of the Legends' battle with the Legion of Doom for the Spear of Destiny, Sara went back to wearing her original suit, but still wore the short jacket.[6]

Second suit[]

White Canary in Beebo the God of War

Current suit.

The suit was upgraded sometime after the Legends destroyed the Spear of Destiny. The new suit is now a long-sleeved jumpsuit with a belt in the waist, along with exposed cleavage. While it has elements from her original Canary suit, it also has more white colors now.[7] Sara would wear this suit from the Legends' battle with Mallus to their participation in the Anti-Monitor Crisis and further time-traveling adventures on Earth-Prime.



  • Kevlar: The suit is lined with kevlar to prevent gunshots wounds to the user.

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  • Unlike her previous look as the "Canary", Sara does not wear a mask or a wig with this suit.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The suit's gloves and short jacket originally appeared in the specially-filmed "First Look" trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but were not used in the pilot episode itself. Sara started wearing gloves again in "Star City 2046", however with a different, longer jacket. In "Invasion!", Sara's long jacket was replaced with the original short one.