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"Can you believe it, sis? Three Luthors in the Oval Office. Only in America."
Lex Luthor to Lena Luthor[src]

The White House was the residence of the President of the United States, located in Washington, D.C.. Following the events of the Daxamite invasion, Cat Grant became Olivia Marsdin's white house press secretary.

Since Olivia was revealed to be an alien (thus illicitly occupying the role of president) she resigned from office, leaving vice president Phil Baker to replace her. Baker then lost the position after it was revealed that he worked for Lex Luthor; since becoming vice president. This left Plastino to replace him as the new acting president of the U.S.


The White House was built to house the President of the country. Olivia Marsdin hired Cat Grant to be her press secretary. Cat was seen answering questions from the press.[1]

Luthor family in the White House.

Phil Baker replaced Olivia when she was exposed. Phil later invited Ben Lockwood to the white house. Red Daughter later attacked the White House prompting to add kryptonite to its defenses.[2][3]

Later on, Lex Luthor offered to rebuilding and supplying energy to the houses that had been damaged by the Kaznian bombing, and the President announced his upcoming appointment to Secretary of the United States Department of Alien Affairs. So, Lex then settled at the White House and summoned his mother and sister for a private tea party.[4]