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"Don't trouble yourself. I'm not a damsel in distress."
"Good, because I'm not a white knight.
Valentina Vostok and Leonard Snart

"White Knights" is the fourth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fourth episode overall. It aired on February 7, 2016.




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The episode starts with the team going to D.C. in 1986, where they break into the Pentagon for records that in the future are heavily redacted. Snart and Ray pose as janitors, and Snart manages to steal a female officer's security card (and her wallet). The card is given to Sara and Kendra, and Rory keeps personnel distracted through an arm-wrestling match. They obtain the files. However, things go awry, when Jax doesn't follow Stein's directions, and inadvertently causes an alarm go off. This prevents Sara and Kendra from leaving without inspection, and they are forced to battle their way out. During the escape, Kendra goes berserk, much like Sara does, and Firestorm grabs her, and everyone manages to escape in the chaos.

The files direct them to the U.S.S.R. and to a scientist named Valentina Vostok. As they arrive in the USSR, they are chased after Chronos again. After tricking the Russian's into shooting him down, the team splits up. Ray and Snart go to Moscow in order to get close to Valentina, in order to find out what she is building for Savage. Rip and Mick go after Chronos when Rip spots a time aberration. They learn that it is Zaman Druce who is following him to stop him. He gives Rip a deal: stop what he's doing, and all charges on him will be dropped, and his team will be returned to 2016. Rip considers the deal, but Rory tells him Druce is going to kill him; the only reason he didn't now, was because he wants to eliminate the team as well.

Sara approaches Rip and asks him how to help Kendra who had gone crazy on a guy outside of the Pentagon. It results in Rip telling Sara to train Kendra herself. As Sara goes to train Kendra, she is unwilling, forcing Sara to goad her for it. Eventually, the two spar, with Sara encouraging Kendra to let her rage loose, which she does. Kendra goes berserk, and kicks Sara with great force. This in turn causes Sara's bloodlust to emerge, and she starts strangling Kendra, but comes to her senses and runs off.

Ray attempts to approach Valentina, but his attempts are rejected. Snart jumps in and manages to charm her, much to Ray's chagrin. Rip tells the team about Druce's deal, but they all think it's a trap. After learning that Zaman was going to have Chronos kill him, Rip is saved by his team but an explosion causes Jax and Stein to be split. Jax is injured.

Snart escorts Valentina to her apartment, and managed to get her ID badge (and her wallet). They return to the ship, just in time to witness a heated argument between Jax and Stein, as Stein has had enough about Jax' ego, and Jax in turn has had enough about Stein's know-it-all attitude. Jax is taken into medical bay, and Ray is struck about what he just witnessed. Stein then tells Ray, that he finds this is the only way he can get through to Jax, and also reveals he lost his earlier half, Ronnie Raymond, and doesn't want to experience that again.

As the team looks the information about the laboratory Valentina works in, Stein intends to go there to find out what Operation Svarog is about. Rip sends Snart and Ray as backup. Kendra talks with Rip about Sara, thinking that she is not the right one to train her. However, Rip reveals she put Sara up to it, seeing that both women have a similar problem, and thought they could help each other. Sara can help with Kendra's warrior side, and Kendra can help with Sara's human side. Kendra goes to Sara, much the same way as Sara did before, and they duel again.

Stein manages to get inside the laboratory, and discovers Valentina is attempting to create a Soviet Firestorm for Savage. He finds a chamber containing a thermacore, which is similar to the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. he created. Stein orders Ray to power down the core, so he can extract it. But when Ray sees Valentina, and thinks she ultimately is unaware what she is actually doing, has Snart go to distract her and get her to safety. However, Valentina manages to grab him, and despite Snart's objection, Ray turns the core power back on. Afterwards, Ray is knocked out. Stein thinks he can take the core even at full power, but Jax calls to him and tells him he is just a stubborn old man and urges him not to do it, but Stein manages to extract the core. But as soon as he exits the chamber, he is caught. With the timely arrival of Rory, Snart manages to escape and in the ensuing chaos, Rip tells Snart to escape with the thermacore. Snart is unwilling to leave Rory behind, but he escapes.

With half of the team captured, Snart is unhappy with Rip, since he didn't send anymore backup, but realizes it would have ended for all of them captured. Sara realizes that Rip wanted her and Kendra to train for their next mission: to rescue their comrades and stop the creation of Soviet Firestorm.


Preparation ran from October 6 until October 15, 2015. Shooting ran from October 16 until October 28, 2015.[1]





  • In the Pentagon scenes, a number of military personnel are wearing their covers indoors. This is against protocol and they would have been required to remove them when going inside (with a few exceptions).
  • Palmer says to Snart, "Be helpful to others. It's the scout motto." That is incorrect. In Boy Scouts, the Scout Motto is "Be Prepared."