Wickstable, also referred to as "Wicksty" for short by Nate Heywood, is a dragon that was cared for by Nate and Zari Tomaz.[1] However, when nine-year-old Zari met the dragon as he was hatching, she named him Mithra.[2]


Original timeline

Wickstable was named after a dragon from a drawing Nate did as a child. He was cared for by Nate and Zari, until Zari forgot the egg in her past self's house. Her past self cared for the egg until it hatched.

After Wickstable hatched, Zari (from 2019) nicknamed him "Mithra" and brought him to her school. She apparently taught him tricks, as he was able to dance by swinging his tail and revolving around.
Wickstable and Tabitha

Wickstable and Tabitha.

After he was noticed by her teacher, the latter reported the incident on the Eyes app, causing "Mithra" to be captured and brought back to the Time Bureau.

When Tabitha irrupted Heyworld, she appeared to be controlling the dragon, unleashing fear on the people. He had seemingly grown to the size of the tent and was able to breathe fire. However, Zari's nine-year-old self was able to command him to start dancing. "Mithra" then ate Tabitha, transformed back into a baby dragon and ran off, with Zari's younger self following him.[2]

Current timeline

Zari is famous all over social media and was known as "Dragon Girl" for owning and taming Wickstable at Heyworld.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Dragon physiology: As a dragon, Wickstable has gained certain magical powers, though he has limited access to them as a baby.
    • Flight: Wickstable possesses a pair of wings capable of sustaining flight.

Former powers

  • Adult dragon physiology:
    Heyworld (Earth-Prime)

    Adult Wickstable

    While under the control of Tabitha, Wickstable was transformed into a giant, full-grown dragon to unleash fear on humanity.
    • Enhanced strength: Wickstable was able to break in and out of the Legends' circus tent at Heyworld with ease.
    • Fire breath: Wickstable was able to breathe fire from his nose and almost killed Sara Lance before Zari stopped him. It is unknown whether he can harness this power as a baby.


  • Dancing: Wickstable is able to move in a dance-like motion by swinging his tail and spinning his body.
  • High-level intellect/human receptiveness: Wickstable is able to understand commands given to him in English by humans, such as Zari's command "dance" and Tabitha's commands while he was under her control.


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