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Will (died 2018) was a member of The 100 and the cousin of Latavious Johnson.


Carrying $100,000 worth of drugs, Will was caught by the police and sent to jail.[1]

Sometime after he got out, Will met Jennifer Pierce at Club 100, chatting her up. They were taken into a room before Lala, asking for the $100,000, only to be hit firstly by Lala but then by Jennifer. They were interrupted by a commotion caused by Jefferson Pierce, giving Will time to escape. He later followed Jennifer to Garfield High School, claiming that he had been stalking her on Instagram. She turned him away, but after Will grabbed her hand, requesting her to be calm, Anissa, her elder sister, stood up and knocked him down. Will tried to pull a gun but he was stopped by the principal, Jefferson Pierce. Jefferson asked him to leave, to which Will replied that it was not over. Seeking vengeance, Will later broke into the school, kidnapping both Jennifer and Anissa. He took them to the Seahorse Motel, where he met Lala, who scolded him for taking them hostage there, beating Will to the ground. Black Lightning soon appeared, electrocuting Will and throwing him off the second story into his car, causing him to pass out.[1]

Surviving the fall, Will was taken by an ambulance towards the hospital. Hyped up on drugs and adrenaline, he escaped, evading Inspector Bill Henderson's men. He was eventually caught by gang members and brought to Lala, who shot him in the head to tie up loose ends, his body placed in a dumpster.[2]


As a result of Lala's resurrection program, Lala began to hallucinate Will. Will's apparition criticized Lala for his actions.[3]


Will clearly was bad at thinking things through. His abduction of Anissa and Jennifer only resulted in his own humiliation and death.


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