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"I saw what he was doing to those poor aliens, and I just couldn't stand by him anymore."
"Cut the crap, Eva Braun. You're a backstabber and a liar."
"You're right. I am lying. But I really do love you guys. I just love Lex more. I'm always gonna be on his side.
Eve Teschmacher and Lena Luthor

"Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the eighty-fifth episode overall. It aired on May 5, 2019.




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Kara and Lena plan to travel to Kaznia on Lena's personal jet, however Kara attempts to dissent without any result. Somewhere else, Alex and Kelly are out for a run when the selection office calls. She will be a mother. Ben Lockwood leaves his better half's memorial service and goes to the DEO, requesting they chase down Dreamer and James too. He's unhinged, which prompts Brainy to leave Nia and James at the Fortress where they are trying James' recently discovered powers.

While traveling to Kaznia, Lena's plane is struck by dubious purple lightning. While Lena attempts to spare the plane, Kara sneaks out subtly and recoveries the plane as Supergirl then slips back inside and claims to have passed out from all the activity. The two of them concur that the lightning wasn't characteristic. They were cut down purposefully. They at that point locate an empty army installation and find that Lex has been torturing aliens. In the meantime, Lockwood digs into General Haley's records and gets some answers concerning Lena's lab there at the DEO and chooses to look at it for himself.

As Kara and Lena keep on exploring the base, they understand the aliens Lex was experimenting on all originated from the DEO - including Kopy, an alien that can duplicate itself, with limitations. Although each copy is more powerful than the previous copy, the longer a copy is outside Kopy, the stupider it gets. They at that point find Eve who in the end concedes that she is and will consistently be Lex's ally. Lena compromises her into talking and as they question her, she begins acting unusual. More profound into Lex's lab, Lena and Kara find both Harun-El and Kryptonite just as an organizing region where it's uncovered that Lex is helping Kaznia attack the U.S. while Kara finds his distinct advantage, or if nothing else video of it: Red Daughter.

As Alex at long last is by all accounts alright with being a mother she gets a call telling her that the birth mother had spoken with her grandparents and had chosen to keep the baby herself.

In Kaznia, Lena and Kara begin to all the more likely comprehend what Lex has done: transformed Red Daughter into a Kryptonian weapon. At that point another Eve appears - the first Eve was only a copy - and she detonates the trap, spilling Kryptonite about the lab. Kara finds Red Daughter's cell brimming with things that would uncover her mystery, however figures out how to persuade Lena to escape through air vent before she discovers it. At the DEO, Lockwood finds the serum that gave James his forces.

Lockwood gathers together all the outsiders with the person who murdered his better half and needs them tormented. Brainy desires the DEO to overlook Lockwood's requests to capture James and Dreamer. Losing the support of moral agents, Lockwood infuses himself with the raw serum. In Kaznia, Lena and Kara discover who approved the DEO detainee move for Lex. Lena follows Eve while Supergirl winds up battling multiple Eve copies. Parallel fights in both in National City and Kaznia follow.

Supergirl gets away from the detonating base, yet Lena doesn't realize that Kara did. Eve stabs her, however Lena isn't really harmed, protected by a device in a pocket. J'onn appears at battle with Lockwood and tosses him into a gas big hauler, causing a blast, however Lockwood isn't dead. Lena and Kara rejoin, however they find the Eve on the plane was a duplicate, as well, yet now they have more insights concerning Lex's arrangement.

On the plane home, Kara is going to reveal to Lena her mystery, yet before she can Lena discusses how if not for Kara she was unable to confide in anybody so Kara stays quiet to herself. Back home and handling Alex not embracing the child, Kelly comes out to her by uncovering the loss of her better half. Lockwood goes to comfort his child yet it's short of what was needed. His child censures him for his mom's demise, and tells him that he will never forgive him for the stupid fight he started that made him responsible for the mother’s death, and tells Lockwood that he hates him, and walks away.

Questioning with James, Kara chooses to come clean with Lena once Lex is in a correctional facility. She at that point visits the President. Kara sees he has Kryptonite in his office, but warns the President that Lex arranged all, including that a clone Supergirl was used, and the President’s Chief-of-Staff was colluding with Lex. Kara presents a packet of proof of all this to him. The President asks if she has shown this to anyone else, when she assures him she rushed it to him first, he calls security and a black bag is forced over her head, leading to her capture and kidnapping.





  • The title of the episode misspells Eve's last name.
  • As Kara tries to save the plane, for a brief moment Kara/Supergirl is wearing her civilian clothes.
  • Upon discovering that James has become immune to fire, Brainiac remarks that he is now inflammable. However, the word "inflammable" is a synonym for "flammable" (i.e., easily capable of burning). He most likely meant to use the word "nonflammable" (i.e., not easily capable of burning). This is a strange mistake to be made by someone who constantly boasts of being a "twelfth-level intellect."
  • As Lena's plane is about to crash at 300 mph, Kara exits the plane and lifts it over the mountain. She then returns to her seat, all without the pilot noticing the cabin door has been opened twice.