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''[[The Mail]]'' <small>(formerly)</small><br/>
''[[The Mail]]'' <small>(formerly)</small><br/>
[[CatCo Worldwide Media]] <small>(Undercover for [[London Times]])</small>
[[CatCo Worldwide Media]] <small>(Undercover for [[London Times]])</small>
|family = Unnamed (wife)
|family =
|homeuniverse = Earth-38
|homeuniverse = Earth-38
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|alterego =

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"Your articles are honest and smart. I could never write the way you write."
"You have two Pulitzers
"It's not from the writing. It's from the story. I have craft, you have art."
—William Dey on Kara Danvers.[src]

William Dey was a renowned reporter, formerly of The Times, Le Monde (The World) and the Daily Mail. He is currently a resident of National City and a reporter of CatCo Worldwide Media.


At various points in time, William started working as a reporter for The Times, Le Monde, and The Mail, all of which he eventually resigned from. At some point, he was renowned for his article on eminent domain in Hartlepool.[1]

In October 2019, William started working at CatCo Worldwide Media. Andrea later introduced William to Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Kara Danvers, who didn't make a good first impression for him due to her mispronunciation of the town name Hartlepool. Andrea consulted Kara on William rewriting her article on the governor's proposed water tax, an action Kara took offense on as it had all the necessary facts. William explained that the piece was filled with too much unnecessary information and reasoned that every piece has inherent bias, which was the complete opposite of what Kara expected him to say, due to his reputation from when he was still working with The Times of London, when William clarified his works were of their respective natures solely due to the orders of his former superiors. In her suppressed outrage, Kara cleared up what she will and will not tolerate concerning her works, to both Andrea and William's surprise and reaffirmation of her resolution.[1]

At a nightclub, William approaches a man and once again demands he reconsider working together. The man again declines before leaving. The next day at work, Andrea Rojas wants a sexy story of a murder when coming across billionaire, Niles Jarrod who died at a club, she waves it off as nothing important. Kara and William find themselves in a verbal altercation. William tells the room he has already looked into it, and there is nothing there. Afterwards Kara confronts William outside about why he was lying. He blows her off as being paranoid. Later, William is sitting on a park bench. A man passes him a rolled-up newspaper with money inside of it.[2]

William is working undercover for the London Times and trying to expose Andrea's corrupt schemes.[3]


William at first appears to act highly of himself and looks down on others but in reality this is an act. He started as an arrogant jerk. He sounded like Andrea lapdog and criticizing Kara's work. It was eventually revealed he is actually a nice guy and he cared about people. The arrogant jerk is just an act. He was working undercover for the London Times and found out that Andrea and her family are criminals. It is the main reason why he worked on CatCo and treated Kara badly because he wants to take Andrea and her family. So he became Kara's new ally.


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  • Expert Investigator: William has earned a big reputation working with The Times, Le Monde, and The Mail. Being well renowned for his stories. Even being able to track down Kara Danvers as Supergirl.



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