"Whoever you are, you just made a big mistake."
—William Glenmorgan to Emiko Adachi[src]

William Glenmorgan is a mercenary operating in Star City. He was believed to be the murderer of Kazumi Adachi, though he was actually framed for the murder. When Kazumi was murdered he was imprisoned in Santa Prisca.


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"I've killed a lot of people."
—William Glenmorgan to Emiko Adachi[src]

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  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Glenmorgan is a master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. This was seen when he fought Emiko Adachi, even margining to gain the upper hand and only lost when Emiko shot him in the shoulder with an arrow.
    • Master blade-wielder: Glenmorgan is a master blade wielder as seen when he used an African throwing blade in his fight against Emiko. He skilled enough that he could deflect an arrow out of midair with it.
  • Leadership: Glenmorgan efficiently leads his groups of mercenaries.
  • Vast resources:


"Guns aren't really my thing."
—William Glenmorgan to Emiko Adachi[src]
  • Kpinga: Glenmorgan used this African throwing knife as a melee weapon during his fight with Emiko Adachi.
  • Various bladed weapons: In addition to his Kpinga, Glenmorgan has a waraobe closet full of other bladed weapons such as daggers, short swords, and axes.



Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, William Glenmorgan is the real name of Congo Bill, a famed adventurer who's not a villain, but rather a historical hero from DC Comics, who even starred in his own serial back in 1948. Portrayed by Don McGuire, this first and more faithful to the source Congo Bill is hired by a wealthy family to retrieve Ruth Culver, a wealthy heiress lost in the African jungle. Funny thing is, Congo Bill has always been closely associated with the origin story of Green Arrow, in some continuities.
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