William Lang (1982[1]- May 2018), nicknamed Gridlock by Cisco Ramon, was a Meta-human that fought the Flash. As a meta-human with ability to absorb kinetic energy, Lang used his powers to commit many crimes, including carjacking, robbing from bank vehicles, and causing a plane to crash. However, he was defeated by the Flash and XS. Following his defeat, he was murdered by Cicada, who desired the extermination of all those like him.


Under unknown circumstances, William Lang obtained meta-human powers, and used them to commit crimes.

He first appeared after attacking some police officers, but was incapacitated by the Flash. Distracted by another Speedster, Lang took the opportunity to punch The Flash far into the sky.

Lang then assaulted an airplane. The Flash, Kid Flash, and XS used their speed to get onto the plane and with the help of a breach. Wally put cuffs on William and knocked him out. After they vibrated to make the airplane phase through the skyscraper and the bridge, he was arrested.

The truck which was transporting Lang to Iron Heights was ambushed by Cicada.[1] Lang battled Cicada, initially seeming to have the upper hand. However, Cicada eventually absorbed his powers using his dagger and brutally beat Lang before stabbing and killing him.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Lang's DNA was altered and his cells supercharged, turning him into a meta-human and thereby allowing him to access to his powers.
    • Kinetic energy absorption: Lang can absorb kinetic energy released when someone touches him, and then redirect it to use said energy against them. When using his powers, he generate light blue colored electricity.
      • Superhuman strength: Lang gains superhuman strength when absorbed enough kinetic energy, as seen he was strong enough to send the Flash away with one punch.[1]


  • Immobilization: If Lang can't move, he is unable to use his powers, as he can only absorb kinetic energy from moving targets.[1]


  • Gridlock mask: Lang wears a mask as his villain alter-ego, Gridlock. It is a black face mask that shows his eyes, nose, and mouth. He wears it with a black jacket with white lines on each side of its chest, with black pants and shoes.


The Flash

Season 5


  • Lang was Cicada's first kill.
  • Lang height is 6'2. However, in real life, Daniel Cudmore is about 5 inches taller. 

Behind the Scenes

  • In the DC comics, Abner Girdler was a specialist in urban planning and new transport technologies at Technodyne. He proposed to build a monorail in Manchester, Alabama, but at the last moment the project was canceled by County Transportation Commissioner Clifton Berdett. Having lost a lucrative contract, Tehnodyne went bankrupt, and CEO Leo Nordstrom fired Girdler. Deciding to sabotage the election of Clifton Burdett as mayor, he becomes Gridlock, equipped with a technology capable of stealing kinetic energy from people and objects, leaving them in stasis for about an hour. Gridlock abducted Nordstrom and froze most of Manchester, but was eventually defeated by Impulse.
  • Lang's actor, Daniel Cudmore, previously appeared on fellow Arrowverse show Arrow as Jackhammer in "Code of Silence", in addition to providing the motion capture for Grodd in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Welcome to the Jungle".


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