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For the eponymous character, see Billy Wintergreen.

"Wintergreen" is the nineteenth chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on February 13, 2013.


Learn the secret past of Arrow's greatest foe...Deathstroke![1]


It begins with the scene in the episode "Betrayal" where Slade Wilson is asking Oliver Queen to choose a weapon and stumbles upon Slade's deathstroke mask making Oliver believe that Slade was the "lunatic" who tortured him. Slade denies this telling Oliver that the man who tortured him was another guy. It then turns to a flashback of Slade Wilson driving a plane with his friend and partner, Billy Wintergreen to the island, Lian Yu on a mission to find Yao Fei Gulong. Their plane however, is shot down by soldiers on the island. Slade and Billy crash land on the island. Surviving the crash, Slade and Billy put on their cover masks (the Deathstroke Masks) and attempt to flee but are captured by Edward Fyers. A day after the crash, Fyers is questioning Slade. He gives Slade one more chance to answer his question "Why are you here?". Slade refuses to answer and tells him that he might as well kill him. In response, Fyers tells him that he isn't going to kill him and proceeds to torture Slade. 61 days after the crash, Fyers is having his man torture Slade with a blade. The torture continues 188 days after the crash. 269 days after the crash, Fyers asks Slade to tell him who sent him to the island and that he'll stop the torture if he does. Slade (whose hair has grown and now has a bushy beard) simply responds with "That all you got?'. 324 days after the crash, Slade is put inside a cell with Yao Fei, the man who he came to the island for. Fei asks Wilson who he is and Slade refuses to tell him. Fei, being able to tell by his accent, knows that Slade is from the "Australian Secret Intelligence". Later, a soldier comes in and Fei tells him that Slade is dead. When the soldier goes to take a look at Slade, Fei takes him out. Fei had temporarily cut off Slade's blood flow slowing down his heart rate making him appear dead. Both are freed from their cuffs and they go to find Billy however to Slade's shock, Billy has joined Fyers. Slade and Billy engage in a fight. Two soldiers arrive in the tent and Fei takes them both down. Slade wins against Billy and knocks Billy unconscious. Fei warns that if they don't leave they will be killed and the two flee the camp ending the flashback. Slade as he recalls, asks Oliver to choose a weapon.


  • The method Yao Fei used to make Slade appear dead was also used by Yao Fei on Oliver to make him appear dead to Fyers. It was also in this issue that it was explained how he did it.
  • This issue marks the only time Billy Wintergreen is shown unmasked.