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"People always fear what they don't understand. And that fear turns them into monsters. But we can't let it turn us into monsters, too. We have to be better than them."
Zari Tomaz to Prudence Hawthorne

"Witch Hunt" is the second episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifty-third episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2018.




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"Witch Hunt" begins with the group assembling some technology that is supposed to be able to follow the magical fugitives across time.

As the team is contending with Constantine over desires for him, the new device begins going off and cautions the Legends of a time aberration in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.

Back home, Nate and his dad keep attempting to fix their relationship by getting lunch.

On the Waverider, Constantine and Mick have a "holding" meeting, where they can't help contradicting everything each other does, making for an interesting montage.

At the Time Bureau in present day 2018, Ava Sharpe is upset by certain incidents. At the point when she gets up to explore, she finds that Nate has been living in the Bureau while he broadens his stay in 2018. Nate sees that Ava has been dealing with the Time Bureau financial plan to present to the Department of Defense and he tells her he will help.

In 1692, the Legends discover Prudence, the girl who they were alerted about. They agree that since she's the daughter of a speculated witch, she must be controlled by an evil spirit. Constantine jumps out of the trees and starts presenting a spell.

The spell evidently finishes, as it draws out an old witch, much like one of the Fairy Godmothers in Cinderella. The Fairy Godmother starts singing a melody to which Constantine counters with a spell.

The Fairy Godmother specifies that on the off chance that they send her to Hell, Prudence will likewise be sent there. The Fairy Godmother at that point begins throwing spells of her own to tie the Legends to trees.

After Zari reveals they're there to spare Prudence's mom, Prudence arranges her fairy godmother to release them.

The following day, Nate's planning for the meeting with the Department of Defense when he discovers that his dad is a piece of the pitch and quickly pulls out. Gary takes his spot instead, sadly.

Zari leaves the Waverider to proceed to converse with Prudence's mom Jane in jail. Zari takes a stab at persuading her to leave yet Jane accepts she should be considered liable for her wrongdoings.

On the Waverider, Prudence's godmother shows herself to Constantine and the two contend about her activities.

Ava and Gary start their pitch on expanded planning to Nate's dad, however he isn't having it. He says that without evidence of the powers they're battling, he cannot give any further subsidizing to the Time Bureau.

Jane's preliminary begins and Zari utilizes her powers to draw attention away from her. The townspeople start rebelling against Zari and they wind up catching her.

Back on the Waverider, Prudence is apprehensive that Jane hasn't returned. The godmother shows Prudence a clip of Sara saying they're attempting to dispose of her. Upset, Prudence arranges her godmother to remove her from the Waverider and the two begin making their way back home, transforming Ray and Mick into pigs and fixing Constantine's mouth shut.

The pitch finishes and Ava comes back to her office to reveal to Nate that his dad has stripped the agency of all financing. She persuades him to converse with his dad trying to reestablish the subsidizing. Nate transports to the Waverider, where he discovers Ray, still as a pig. Nate returns Ray to the agency.

The townspeople are going to burn Zari and Jane at the stake when Sara shows up with a crossbow to attempt to free them. The townspeople defeat Sara and are going to burn her as well, yet Prudence and her godmother show up to stop them.

The Godmother instead attaches the minister to the stake, yet Zari takes a stab at persuading her she shouldn't exchange tit for tat. After Zari's discourse, Prudence has a change of heart and discharges her Godmother from her activity.

Nate takes the pig to show his dad and after the Godmother is discharged, the pig turns back into Ray. Seeing the enchantment with his own two eyes, Nate's dad allows the Time Bureau $4.2 billion in subsidizing.

Zari discloses to Jane and Prudence that they're free, yet urges them to search for another spot to live.

Constantine brings The Fairy Godmother into the forested areas and as opposed to sending her to Hell, Constantine offers to be the Godmother's new host. The Godmother advises her that she knows what Constantine's identity is and uncovers that she realizes someone is after Constantine. She says she'd preferably be sent to Hell over be joined to Constantine as he's running from this obscure being.

Back at the Time Bureau, Nate is giving his dad a rundown of the experiences he's experienced in the course of recent years. The two agree on a supper date later in the week. After his father leaves, Ava extends Nate an employment opportunity at the Time Bureau. Ray and Nate embrace and Ray goes to the Waverider.


  • The second half of the episode focuses in part on Ray and Nate's friendship, the two parting ways in the final scene. Coincidentally, this episode was released almost exactly 2 years after "Shogun" (October 27, 2016), the episode in which they first became friends.
    • This episode also marks their first time pairing up for a "mission" since rescuing Amaya Jiwe and Mick Rory in "The Curse of the Earth Totem".
    • Nate exclaims "Shut the front door!" after discovering Ray as a pig, and the two slap each other's shoulders repeatedly while saying goodbye. These are both parallels to shared scenes in "Outlaw Country".
  • Jane Carr as the Fairy Godmother is an obvious reference to the Disney animated film, Cinderella (1950). Coincidentally, she was born the same year the film came out.
    • Fairy Godmother also references girls who she has helped in the past, one of them wanting to go to the ball and having a pair of glass slippers, evidently a reference to the animated film.
    • One of the things that one might notice is that the Fairy Godmother never completes any of her sayings; for example, she is interrupted by Constantine's spell banishing her to hell and ends up saying, "Bibbidi bobbidi - Oh!" This could be because of copyright of said animated film.
  • Ray notes that the film, The Fifth Element, proved to him that science and magic mix, despite his colleagues disapproval.
  • When Sara says that they could be more magical creatures wrecking havoc in history, Mick thinks that it could be vampires and Zari thinks that it could be the Gremlins. Mick's vampire quote is a reference to Dominic Purcell's previous work in Blade: Trinity.
  • Near the beginning of the episode, the original Red Tornado's bucket helmet can be seen on the shelf with other items. The original Red Tornado was Abigail "Ma" Hunkel, a golden age superhero with the Justice Society, and a popular comedic hero with DC.
  • Sara mentioning that she'd been in Salem is a reference to "Out of Time", when she was time scattered and nearly hanged as a witch.