"People always fear what they don't understand. And that fear turns them into monsters. But we can't let it turn us into monsters, too. We have to be better than them."
Zari Tarazi to Prudence Hawthorne
"Witch Hunt" is the second episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifty-third episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2018.


When the magical Time Seismograph goes off, the team finds themselves headed to the Salem witch trials. Sara notices that Zari is taking this case personally when she promises to save a mom, who is being accused of being a witch. However, the team quickly learns that there is a magical creature in the town creating problems they hadn't been expecting. Meanwhile, Nate and Ava work together to try to keep their Time Bureau funding by proving to them that magic exists.[src]


  • The second half of the episode focuses in part on Ray and Nate's friendship, the two parting ways in the final scene. Coincidentally, this episode was released almost exactly 2 years after "Shogun" (October 27, 2016), the episode in which they first became friends.
    • This episode also marks their first time pairing up for a "mission" since rescuing Amaya Jiwe and Mick Rory in "The Curse of the Earth Totem".
    • Nate exclaims "Shut the front door!" after discovering Ray as a pig, and the two slap each other's shoulders repeatedly while saying goodbye. These are both parallels to shared scenes in "Outlaw Country".
  • Jane Carr as the Fairy Godmother is an obvious reference to the Disney animated film, Cinderella (1950). Coincidentally, she was born the same year the film came out.
    • One of the things that one might notice is that the Fairy Godmother never completes any of her sayings; for example, she is interrupted by Constantine's spell banishing her to hell and ends up saying, "Bibbidi bobbidi - Oh!" This could be because of copyright of said animated film.
  • Near the beginning of the episode, the original Red Tornado's bucket helmet can be seen on the shelf with other items. The original Red Tornado was Abigail "Ma" Hunkel, a golden age superhero with the Justice Society, and a popular comedic hero with DC.
  • Sara mentioning that she'd been in Salem is a reference to "Out of Time", when she was time scattered and nearly hanged as a witch.


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