Wolfie is the alternate personality of Mona Wu.


With brief assistance from Mona's alternate self, Constantine was able to restore Desmond's love for him, setting the timeline back to its proper course.[1] However, due to the return of her chest wound by Konane, Mona was sent to a hospital.[2]

Mona joined the Legends on a mission and managed to reunite with Konane until Sara subdued and imprisoned him on the Waverider. After the Legends helped Konane overpower the group of Time Bureau agents that Ava sent to retrieve Konane, Mona and Konane were able to escape again. Just as Mona was about to send him back to Hawaii where he belonged, a Time Bureau agent fatally shot Konane. Mona's rage over Konane's murder caused her to turn into a Kaupe-like creature and she killed the agent, after which she turned back to normal. Mick Rory came upon Mona with her clothes torn, mourning over Konane's corpse.[2]

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"Watch yourself, love. She's not in her right mind."
"Oh, that's the problem. She is."
John Constantine and Sara Lance on Wolfie[src]

Initially, Mona seemed exceedingly aggressive and not entirely in control of her emotions or actions whilst in her wolf form, violently murdering a man for killing Konane.[2] This was likely due to her transformation being triggered by extreme duress. Wolfie has been revealed as a split personality with a mind of her own.[3] However, it has also been revealed that Mona is almost completely aware of her actions as Wolfie, although she is made much more feral in nature. She is capable of speaking in coherent English and understanding it perfectly. When she attacked Sara Lance and John Constantine, Mona was completely aware that they were her allies, having attacked them due to her frustrations with them, which had been heightened while in her Kaupe form.[4]

Powers and abilities


  • Human-Kaupe hybrid physiology: After being scratched by Konane, Mona's physiology was changed. She is now able to use the following powers:
    • Transformation: Mona is able to transform herself into a Kaupe-like creature when upset. This is due to a scratch that she received from Konane.
      • Superhuman strength: While in her transformed state, Mona was able to break a man's gun and kill him with ease, as well as overpower numerous Time Bureau agents, Sara, Constantine, Ava Sharpe and Nora Darhk.[2]
    • Superhuman senses: Thanks to her Kaupe physiology, even in her human form, Mona has an enhanced sense of smell. She was able to smell Nate Heywood's scent on Zari Tarazi, as well as sense Zari's sexual arousal for him.[5]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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  • Mona is a vegetarian.[5] However, as Wolfie, she has a preference to meat.

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