The Wonderland gang, or Alice in Wonderland gang[1], is a gang founded and led Beth Kane in order to take over Gotham City and ultimately undermine its sense of security.


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The Alice in Wonderland gang was formed by Beth Kane, who began using the alias "Alice", planting Dodgson inside the Crows Security, they used his knowledge to firstly kidnap Sophie Moore, following the kidnapping, they were met by Kate Kane at the base of operations in an attempt to save Sophie, but it was unsuccessful. They moved ahead with their plans, using the city's movie in the park event to make a statement, while Dodgson planted a truck with explosives, Alice dangled Sophie from a skyscraper. However, they were soon thwarted by a masked vigilante, who saved Sophie.[2]

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  • The gang's name, its leader's name, and their costumes all allude to the novel Alice in Wonderland, a famous storybook for children and adults alike.
  • Individual members of the gang are referred to as "rabbits," at least by Batwoman[3] and the Crows.[1]

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