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"Alice, delusional leader of the defunct and failed Wonderland gang."
Black Mask to Alice[src]

The Wonderland gang, or Alice in Wonderland gang, was a gang founded and led Beth Kane in order to take over Gotham City and ultimately to undermine its sense of security.

The gang was eventually disbanded due to most of its members being killed by Tatiana.[1]


"All my rabbits and cats are dead."
Beth Kane to Kate Kane[src]

The Wonderland gang is a group of criminals led by Alice and recruited from Gotham's criminal underground. The gang is inspired by Lewis Carroll's children novel Alice in Wonderland, and the members are organized into two groups: "rabbits" and "cats", the former wearing white half-face masks with bunny ears that cover the upper face, while the latter wearing black half-face masks with cat-like fangs that cover the lower face.[1] It's unclear on the basis of which criterion - if there exists one - such differentiation is made.


The Wonderland gang was formed by Beth Kane when the later become the psychotic criminal known as "Alice". She led the group alongside her brother figure Jonathan Cartwright, known as "Mouse", to undermine Gotham City while going into war with Batwoman and Crows Security. At some point former Crows agent Dodgson also worked with the Wonderland gang prior to be arrested and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.[2]

At one point, the gang stayed as squatters in an apartment when the landlord brought its intended tenants, Cora Lewis and Ryan Wilder; the gang killed Cora and the landlord. As the gang assaulted Ryan with the intent to kill her next, Alice entered the apartment and ordered her minions to exit immediately, leaving Ryan with a vendetta against them[3] and dreams to kill them to avenge Cora.[4]

After succeeding in the murder of Catherine Hamilton-Kane and in framing her father for it with the gang's help, Alice started to have tea and spilled it on the woman's grave as a "celebration"; later, however Alice assaulted Gotham Prep to confront her sister and was arrested,[5] prompting Mouse and the gang into kidnapping Bryan Akins and Steven Forbes to ask for the woman's liberation, but their plan was thwarted by the intervention of a woman who looked like Alice. their leader eventually managed to escape, albeit Mouse got captured by the Crows.[6]

Few weeks later, Jacob Kane was revealed to having been framed by Alice and her Wonderland gang; however, the latter was presumed dead due to her doppelgänger having been killed, so they managed to find a new hideout in an abandoned warehouse.[7] There, after finding out that August Cartwright was alive posing as "Ethan Campbell" she order her men to kidnap and brough there a psychologist, Dr. Malone, in order to have a consult, then he had him killed and eventually captured and took to the warehouse Cartwright himself.[8]

In 2020, Tatiana single-handedly killed all the members of the Wonderland gang,[9] leaving a note to Alice to make her believe Safiyah Sohail wanted revenge on her.[1]

In 2021, upon meeting Alice, Black Mask teased her about the Wonderland Gang being defunct.[10]

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  • The gang's name, its leader's name, and their costumes all allude to the novel Alice in Wonderland, a famous storybook for children and adults alike.

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