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Woodstock was a festival in 1969 held in the outskirts of New York. After a unicorn was displaced in the festival, the event became an aberration known as the Woodstock Massacre, but was eventually prevented by the Legends.


Hippies at Woodstock.

In 1969, Woodstock was held in the outskirts of New York. The festival attracted a large amount of people, most of which were hippies, advocates of peace who desired to help end conflicts such as the ongoing (at that time) Vietnam War.

After the Legends freed Mallus from his prison, a unicorn also escaped and was displaced in the festival. Voracious for human hearts, the unicorn proceeded to kill a hippie and left him hanging in a tree with a gaping hole in his chest.

Aberrant timeline: The unicorn committed a series of grizzly murders that ultimately led to a deadly stampede where 400,000 young people tried to escape the festival at once. Since most of the survivors had recently intaken hallucinogens, authorities perceived their reports as sketchy, at best. The tragedy became known as the "Woodstock Massacre", and precipitated the end of the hippie movement and the sexual revolution.

At some point, Hank Heywood learned of the horrid event and felt pity for its victims. When Nate Heywood and Mick Rory heard of the massacre from Hank, they took off to Woodstock to prevent the aberration.

The unicorn consuming a woman's heart.

Current timeline: Nate and Mick, joined by Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, and Zari Tarazi, saw the unicorn and initially perceived it as a majestic being, except for Rory, until it charged at a woman, impaled her in the chest, and ate her heart, to which Mick tried to burn the stallion, but to no avail. In defense, the unicorn spewed glitter at the Legends, except for Sara, escaped, and made them experience hallucinations, which wore off a few minutes later.

With the help of John Constantine, Jerry Garcia's saliva, Jimi Hendrix's amulet, Janis Joplin's hair strand, and Gary Green's virginhood, the Legends eventually banished the unicorn to hell and prevented the stallion's massacre.

The festival was remembered as three days of peace and love, and was one of the fuels for the ignition of the hippie movement and the sexual revolution.[1]

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  • Woodstock, billed as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music", was a music festival held on a dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains, northwest of New York City, between August 15–18, 1969, which attracted an audience of more than 400,000.