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"Basically our Earth, same history, same timeline, with one crucial, critical difference."
"Let me hypothesize; the Nazis developed the atomic bomb before the United States did, and were more than happy to use it."
"Yes, the Nazis won the war.
Harry Wells and Martin Stein[src]

World War II was a war between Nazis and allied powers of Earth-X.


As a result, the Schutzstaffel had reigned supreme over Earth. The Nazis developed the atomic bomb before the Allies and won World War II, with the Earth-X Schutzstaffel obliterating major cities and establishing outposts throughout Europe and the Americas, later creating the New Reich. He additionally revealed that Hitler continued his brutal reign, supported by world leaders, until his death in 1994. London, New York, Paris, and Moscow laid in ruins as a result of a nuclear assault from the Nazi regime.[1]



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