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"They will receive a blasphemous sigil. And in its wake, many cowards and killers and vile men will burn. And every eye will look upon the heretic, and they will call it Worldkiller."
Thomas Coville on the Worldkillers' prophecy[src]

The Worldkillers were a circle of genetically engineered Kryptonian warriors whose anatomies were altered using dark magic, making them both more powerful and self-sufficient. This was initiated by a coven of witches native to Krypton known as the Children of Juru as part of an ancient "End of Days" prophecy in their goal of cleansing the Earth of sin and transforming it into "New Krypton".


The Worldkillers were created on Krypton by a dark magic cult of Kryptonian witches known as the Children of Juru. The cult intended on bringing a reign of darkness to the planet to pave the way for the ancient Kryptonian polytheistic beliefs of Yuda Kal to prosper once more. When Krypton exploded, pods containing the Worldkillers were launched to planet Earth.

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Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Supergirl battled five Worldkillers: Reign, Flower of Heaven, Deimax, Perrilus, and Worldkiller-1, who were a group of biological weapons created on Krypton.
    • Pestilence's abilities of poison and virus dissemination are taken directly from Perrilus.
  • In the comics, Supergirl's father Zor-El took part in the creation of the Worldkillers, which he later regretted due to their lethal nature.