"Citizens of the world, today we stand on the precipice of history. Ours is a world of pain, suffering. Of conflict, of chaos. But when you enter Obsidian's world, the problems of the real one melt away. In virtual reality, there is nothing to want. No reason to harm one another. It's a place we can be our best and truest selves. This world can be our real world. And it all starts today with the Obsidian Worldwide Unity Festival."
Lex Luthor[src]

The Worldwide Unity Festival was a global event orchestrated by Obsidian North leader Andrea Rojas in hopes to help the world to become more unified, but it was manipulated to make the world helpless for the conquest plans of Leviathan.


Festival leaders

Andrea Rojas, with the help of the technicians and engineers of Obsidian North, created a program called the "Collective Dream",[1] mainly to be used by residents of National City, but, when her company, through the machinations of Gemma Cooper, started to cooperate with Lex Luthor and Luthor Corp,[2] the program was expanded and dubbed Obsidian Platinum. Lex went around the world and had meetings with national leaders promoting the VR lenses while having Luthor Corp launch satellites to expand the technology,[3] causing Andrea to want to capitalize on the exposure by having a launching event that also incorporated her desire for a better, less hurtful world; thus, the Worldwide Unity Festival was created.

Meanwhile, Lex and Gemma Cooper, who was truly the Jarhanpurian Gamemnae, previously worshiped as the Goddess of Technology, planned to use the festival as a first step towards global domination. Gamemnae plotted to kill four billion people while they were in virtual reality, then have her agents conquer the rest of the grieving world.

Supergirl talks to billions

On the day of the festival, over two billion people chose to participate by simultaneously entering Obsidian Platinum. Supergirl was forced to participate as well; however, she urged people to end their experience because a greater scheme was in play. Eventually, after her persuading, the people of Earth agreed with her and stopped the event.[4]



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