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The X-axis bi-numeric algorithm, also known as the super virus, is a computer virus that was created by Felicity Smoak, with help from Cooper Seldon and Myron Forest.


In 2009 at MIT, Felicity Smoak, along with her then-boyfriend Cooper Seldon and Cooper's roommate Myron Forest, created the x-axis bi-numeric algorithm for noble causes in hacktivism (expose government fraud, start virtual sit-ins, digitally deface criminals, etc.). When using the virus to hack into the US Department of Education, Cooper attempted to erase all student loans, which got him arrested.

Five years later, Cooper, now the leader of Brother Eye, used the virus to launch a cyber attack on Starling City, taking control of its entire infrastructure. Cooper aimed to use the virus to reroute trucks bringing freshly-printed cash to Starling City from the US Treasury so he could steal the money, but was eventually thwarted by Felicity and Team Arrow.[1]


  • Computer hacking: The x-axis bi-numeric algorithm can give its user root access to virtually any digital server infected by it.

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