"Mine is one of a kind."
"So was this, uh, when you let me borrow it."
Nora West-Allen on how she got her jacket.[src]

The Flash suit, known as the XS suit in an erased future, is a protective suit that Iris West-Allen wore as the temporary meta-human known as the Flash and that later would be adopted by her daughter Nora West-Allen.


Original suit

The Flash (Iris West-Allen)

Iris in her Flash suit.

Initially, Iris used the suit's jacket as normal apparel.

After Matthew Kim transferred Barry Allen's DNA to Iris's body, she gained Barry's powers. When there was a fire in Central City, Cisco gave her a spare mask belonging to Jesse Wells in order to conceal Iris' identity.

When Jaco Birch started attacking Central City with his newfound pyrokinetic powers, Cisco modified Iris' jacket presumably to become friction-proof. After she apprehended Birch and Matthew restored Barry's powers to his body, Iris stopped using the suit.



Nora in her XS suit.

In the future, Nora West-Allen will eventually don the suit, the suit had a XS insignia, she used the suit when assisting her father in destroying a satellite and later as normal apparel.

Unlike Iris's version of the suit, this version has the symbols Barry wrote after his time in the Speed Force as a pattern on the suit.


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  • Identity concealment: Both Iris and Nora West-Allen used a purple mask to conceal their identities; to keep their friends and families safe from harm.

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