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"What happens in the Glades only happens if I allow it!"
—Xavier Reed to the people of Starling City[src]

Xavier Reed (died October 2013) was a crime lord who went under the alias of "The Mayor".


Early life[]

As of 1996, Xavier was in foster care for most of his childhood.[1]

Time as the Mayor[]

Sometime prior to the fall of 2013, Xavier became a gang leader and assumed the name "The Mayor". He had been running the Glades since the earthquake by brutal gang rule, and did so with weapons stolen from military convoys from Camp Kirby.

The Mayor showed up at the "Cash For Guns" event, attacking Sebastian Blood and shooting at many innocents, Sin included. This would prove to be his undoing.

Later he was seen with his foster brother Ezra Barnes, who had been the man helping him steal the weapons. They were then interrupted by the Arrow and the Canary who fought the men and left them to be arrested. Xavier was later seen with Brother Blood who injected him with Mirakuru. He was killed when the serum entered his system.[1]


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: As a crime lord; Xavier was a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician and leader.[1]
  • Skilled marksman: Xavier was highly skilled in the use of firearms.[1]


  • Guns: Xavier is proficient in the use of guns.[1]



Season 2[]