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"It's Taylor. She found out that Xotar is the name of a meta-criminal in National City."
"Xotar's a meta?"
"A psychic meta who control her victim's minds and drives them... crazy.
Iris West-Allen and Barry Allen on Xotar[src]

"Xotar" is a meta-human criminal from National City.


Early life

At some point in time, "Xotar" gained meta-human powers and started committing crimes in National City. Her specialty was bending spoons.[1]

Attacking Central City

Later, Xotar decided to attack Central City Bank and a diamond exchange truck, leaving her victims behind driven crazy by her psychic powers. During the latter of the attacks, the Flash tried to stop her, but he was also affected by her powers and ended back up in his apartment without any memory of getting there. When Xotar attacked a Central City Museum convoy, the Flash appeared yet again. This time, Xotar used her telekinesis to stop him, but was eventually struck by the lightning he built up in his body and taken to prison.[1]

Powers and abilities


"Apologies for not mentioning the telekinesis. Didn't take a crystal ball to know I'd eventually have to catch you by surprise. You know, back in the day, my specialty was bending spoons."
—Xotar to the Flash[src]

Xotar using her powers against the Flash.

  • Meta-human physiology: At some point, Xotar became a meta-human and obtained superhuman powers.[1]
    • Mind control: Xotar can control people's minds, driving them crazy. She uses this power on security guards or police officers in order to steal money and/or artifacts.[1]
    • Telekinesis: Xotar can control objects and people with her mind.[1]


  • Expert thief: Xotar used her powers to be able to efficiently steal money and artifacts.[1]


  • Power-dampening cuffs: Like most other meta-humans, if Xotar is wearing power-dampening cuffs, she is unable to use her powers.[1]


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