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"Is that a Masamune blade?"
"A katana. Passed down for centuries within my family. The first son of each generation."
"You are not a son, Tatsu."
"No, I am not.
Malcolm Merlyn and Tatsu Yamashiro[src]

A katana, is Japanese sword that was created by Ichiro Yamashiro back in the times of mid-17th century of Japan, it has been passed throughout generations of Yamashiro family, eventually ending up in the hands of Ichiro's descendant, Maseo Yamashiro. After Maseo joined the League of Assassins the sword ended up in the possession of his wife, Tatsu. Tatsu then used the katana in honor of her late husband as the guardian of Lotus in Kyushu.


Masako Yamashiro fights the shogun

Masako fought Shogun Lemitsu with her family sword.

The sword was crafted by Ichiro Yamashiro for his son, Oda Yamashiro, along with a suit of armor, for his service as a Samurai in the guard of Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu. Iemitsu grew jealous towards the young Samurai's popularity with the men who served under him, so much did the Shogun resent him for it, that. So he ordered Oda to commit seppuku. The sword was then left with old Ichiro, having no worthy wielder. The katana eventually found its use when the time travelers known as the Legends assisted the Yamashiro family's village with defense against the Shogun's troops. The sword was used consecutively by Ray Palmer, Masako Yamashiro and Nate Heywood to defeat the Shogun.[1]

While Masako initially wanted Nate to take the weapon, as a worthy owner, he declined, that she proved her own worthiness in swordsmanship, and the village would still need a protector after the Legends were to leave. The sword was thus left with Masako, before passing through generations of the Yamashiro family after her.[1] It was eventually stored in Yamashiros' apartment in Hong Kong, China.[2]

Tatsu cradling Maseo while singing

Tatsu used the katana to defeat her husband, Maseo.

The sword was used by Maseo Yamashiro in his missions for A.R.G.U.S., before he abandoned it, along with his family, following the death of his son Akio Yamashiro, taking on the name "Sarab" as part of the League of Assassins, using Assassin weaponry now. His wife, Tatsu Yamashiro, took on his weapon, and used it in her masked alter-ego. Armed with the blade, Tatsu ended up killing her husband in a massive duel between Team Arrow and the League of Assassins, as he died in her arms, refusing to denounce his League affiliation.[3]

Tatsu then used the katana in honor of her late husband as the guardian of Lotus in Kyushu.[4]



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  • In the DC comics, the katana is known as Soultaker and has mystical powers.