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"But it does feel like the end of an era."
"OK, well, let's just try to think of it as the beginning of a new one."
John Diggle and Felicity Smoak

"You Have Saved This City" is the twenty-second and final episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-sixtieth episode overall. It aired on May 13, 2019.



Team Arrow is caught on the roof by the SCPD. Dinah attempts to talk the officers down, but they refuse after they say Sergeant Bingsley is unconscious. Team puts hands above their heads, but Oliver shoots a an arrow to distract the officers and the team escapes.

The team returns to Arrowcave and try to determine, where Emiko is going to strike with the Cygnus-X. Felicity gets an alert from a mall. It seems like a suitable target, but realizes the alert is to get everyone outside to the yard in order to maximize the effect of the weapon. The team gets additional help from Laurel and Curtis.

As the team arrives the site, they attempt to get people to evacuate, but after they have been branded as fugitives, the people don't trust them. One particular man lashes at Oliver, until Ben Turner arrives and knocks him down, and claims Oliver is trying to save him. The people start to leave, but right then Emiko launches drones carrying Cygnus-X, and they start spreading it. Curtis tells Oliver he needs to freeze the drones to disable them and render Cygnus harmless. Oliver succeeds, but some people got hit by Cygnus.

The team returns to Arrowcave, and learn from a news report that they have been branded as the ones, who carried out the attack. It turns out Emiko has plenty more drones with Cygnus-X waiting to be used. Everyone are surprised when Laurel says that Emiko did her a favor by framing her, as she now knows that criminal life is not something she wants to live. Felicity and Curtis then say that by using a special cryo containment, they can stop the drones. The team splits up to neutralize them.

As Oliver, Diggle, Roy and Ben walk after disabling a number of drones, Felicity contacts them and says 15 drones have just been activated. The team can't reach them all in time, but Curtis says they have to be controlled from one place. Felicity tracks the location of the controlling signal to Palmer Tech, the former Queen Consolidated. To Oliver it is no surprise as Emiko wants to destroy Oliver's legacy.

In Palmer Tech, Virgil disagrees with Emiko, as the Ninth Circle was supposed to only gain profit from destroying Star City, and that the Circle is concerned over her leadership. Emiko is going to keep on her vendetta.

Oliver, Diggle, Roy and Ben arrive at the site with Dinah, Rene and Laurel following shortly from behind. Oliver intends to go after Emiko. John is going to back him up, but Oliver needs to go alone. The rest will have to destroy the signal.

While Oliver makes to the penthouse of the building, Diggle, Roy and Ben are attacked by the Ninth Circle. They manage to fight them despite being overwhelmed. In the end, Dinah, Rene and Laurel also arrive alongside CCPD led by Bingsley, who convinced mayor Pollard and the police that Team Arrow are heroes. The signal to the drones was also cut.

Oliver finds Emiko, and the two fight, but Oliver tries to make her see, where her hate has led her. He cites how he too felt angry, about how he lost Robert, Tommy, Moira, Laurel, and Quentin, all because the Queen's Gambit went down, and Emiko didn't try to stop it even though she could've. Despite that, Oliver still believes a hero lives within Emiko, but her hatred towards Robert drew her down to dark path, and that very hatred is to blame for the death of her mother. Suddenly, the Ninth Circle arrives, and their leader, Beatrice, declares that Emiko's vendetta has led the Ninth Circle away from the path, and they have now been exposed for the first time in it's long history. Emiko claims the Circle answers to her, but Beatrice declares not anymore, and throws a knife that hits Emiko's abdomen. Beatrice then commands the Circle to kill Oliver and Emiko. The two siblings fight them together, and Emiko is surprised Oliver is still here. He says he won't leave his family. After Oliver and Emiko gain the upper hand, Beatrice orders Virgil to detonate the building, and as Emiko attacks her, she manages to kick the knife on her deeper, causing Emiko a mortal injury. The Ninth Circle escapes, and Oliver holds Emiko in his arms. With her dying breath, Emiko apologizes and tells Oliver that he and Felicity need to hide, as the Ninth Circle will come for them, she made certain of that. The last thing she says is that she wanted to be a Queen. Oliver escapes as the building explodes.

The team regroups in Arrowcave, and Laurel and Curtis intend to return to Earth-2 and Washington D.C., respectively, and Curtis is about to propose to his loved one. Oliver and Felicity then tells Diggle, Roy, Rene and Dinah that they are going to step down for a time, in order to protect themselves, and they leave Arrowcave to the rest. Now that Team Arrow is officially declared as heroes, everything is looking good. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle stay in the cave as its lights are shut down.

In the flashforwards, ZETA's have everyone surrounded, but Mia manages to get her hands on a knife that one of the ZETAs gave her. With the help of this ZETA, who turns out to be Connor, everyone are saved. Zoe also manages to save William and Rene. Everyone gather to figure out, how to destroy Archer. The program is integrated into the wall that surrounds the Glades. Felicity then reveals that Archer is incapable of reading Mia's DNA, since there is no record on her after Felicity practically erased her existence. William then decides to use this to their advantage, as when Archer tries to read Mia's DNA, it can be destroyed with a virus. As William, Mia, Zoe and Connor enter the wall and go with the plan, the virus doesn't work. Rene then tells that the wall can be destroyed by manually setting explosives planted on them in one of the wall towers. Only Mia can reach them due to using her father's bow. She gets into the tower, and sets the charge, and narrowly manages to escape before the wall crumbles. With Star City saved, Felicity, Dinah and Roy decide to take the blame on the wall's destruction, so that Mia, William, Zoe and Connor can live on. Dinah gives the Canaries to Zoe's leadership.

In the present day, Diggle brings Oliver and Felicity to an A.R.G.U.S. safehouse, and they say farewell to each other. Oliver and Felicity settle down and live happily for months and Mia is born healthy and well. But one night, as they are about to have dinner, Oliver hears floorboards creaking. He grabs a knife, and prepares to take out the culprit, until it is revealed to be Mar Novu. Oliver is somewhat surprised, as he thought he had more time. It is revealed that during the Elseworlds, in order for him to save Barry and Kara, Oliver made a deal with Mar Novu, that when the time comes, he will come to gain Oliver's help for the looming Crisis. Mar Novu reveals that Oliver will die during the Crisis. Felicity disagrees with it, but Oliver says he has to go. Mar Novu apologizes to Felicity about Oliver's fate, but he can help save countless others, but he has to come with him tonight. Oliver says a tearful farewell to Felicity and Mia, and leaves. In the flashforward, Felicity has William and Mia come to their father's grave, so that they could all be together for one last time. Felicity then says she needs to go on a different journey, something she promised Oliver after William and Mia won't need her protection anymore. They have hearty farewell. Later, Felicity is walking on a road, and says she is ready. Mar Novu appears, and tells her that where she will go, there won't be a return. Felicity adamantly says she is ready, as she has waited a long time to see Oliver again. Mar Novu opens a portal to the afterlife, and escorts Felicity inside it.


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  • The title is a nod to Oliver's famous "You have failed this city" line.
  • This is the last episode of Arrow to feature Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak), Colton Haynes (Roy Harper), Sea Shimooka (Emiko Adachi), and Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) as series regulars.
  • The clip of Mia's birth is reused from "Star City 2040".
  • This is the second time an Arrow season finale has aired on May 13. The previous time was the Season 3 finale "My Name Is Oliver Queen", was aired on May 13, 2015.
    • Interestingly, both of these finales featured Roy leaving Team Arrow.
  • The song played at the end of the episode was "The Other Side" by Ruelle whose song "Madness" previously appeared in the Season 7 premiere "Inmate 4587".
  • Oliver's bargain to Mar Novu from "Elseworlds, Part 3" was revealed as Novu confirms Oliver's death in the future during the Crisis.
    • What Oliver didn't know is that Team Flash destroyed Cicada's dagger in "Legacy", causing the Crisis to move up to 2019 instead of 2024.
      • While Oliver did know that Barry apparently vanishes in some kind of Crisis in 2024,[1] it's unknown if he's aware that this is the same Crisis that Mar Novu has warned him of.
  • Caity Lotz shadowed James Bamford on set at the time she was preparing to make her directional debut in Season 5 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • This is the only Arrow season finale to be written by two female writers.
  • Just before she dies, Emiko tells Oliver how much she wanted to be a Queen. When Felicity visits Oliver's grave toward the end of the episode, there are two other cemetery plots shown: one for Robert Queen and one for Emiko.
    • The inscription on her headstone reads: "Emiko Adachi Queen, 1989-2019, Beloved sister and daughter".
    • The headstone for Oliver reads: "Oliver Queen, 1985-2019, Beloved son, brother, husband and father Hero of Star City The Green Arrow".