"I mean, what, did you join a Rogues cover band or something?"
Cisco Ramon comparing the Young Rogues to the Rogues[src]

The Young Rogues were a group of criminals brought together by Nora West-Allen.


Nora West-Allen created the Young Rogues in order to steal the mirror gun from McCulloch Tech and go past the power-damping technology. She hired Joslyn Jackam, Brie Larvan, and Peter Merkel to help her accomplish this. After a hard recruitment, they broke into S.T.A.R. Labs in order to steal Spencer Young's phone and kidnap Cisco Ramon, also having no other choice but to capture Sherloque Wells as well. After convincing Cisco to alter Spencer's phone in order to hack into McCulloch Tech, the Young Rogues infiltrated the building and took down the guards. Once in there, the Young Rogues decided to betray Nora in order to force the Flash to reveal his identity. However, Nora was rescued by Team Flash and rest of the Young Rogues were imprisoned once again.[1]

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