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"I met a disgraced Kryptonian priestess who told me about the god before Rao. A Lilith made of darkness and teeth who ends everything. There are three steps leading to the End of Days. First is the Mark of the Beast."
Thomas Coville on Yuda Kal[src]

Yuda Kal was a Kryptonian deity, symbolizing life. She was eventually replaced in the Kryptonian religion by Rao and denounced as an antagonistic entity, dreaded as "the Beast", compared to "a Lilith". Her followers are the Kryptonian witches, using science and dark magic to bring out the rise of Yuda Kal's harbingers, the Worldkillers, the chief of whom is Reign.


Yuda Kal was a goddess of life and birth worshipped by the Juru, the first people of Krypton. However, Yuda Kal was soon erased with Rao and the ways of science by modern Krypton, becoming feared as a dark, evil deity. Her faithful Kryptonian witches gathered in her orpheum in tribute and with a specific mix of chemicals and magical power bestowal, Yuda Kal could give life to new Worldkillers using the Harun-El, a Kryptonian metal with magical properties. The goal of Yuda Kal's worshipers is revenge against Rao and an apocalyptic event of a coming darkness and part of an ancient "End of Days" prophecy, which must be ushered in by Reign.[1][2]

Yuda Kal statue

A Harun-El statue of Yuda Kal.

The Children of Juru on Krypton worshipped Yuda Kal and desired to create New Krypton, where the religion of the goddess would thrive.[3]

Using Yuda Kal's recipe documented in Coville's journal, Olivia was able to gain powers through a Harun-El statue of the goddess and briefly turned into a Worldkiller-like vessel with the goal of carrying out Reign's deliverance of Earth.[2]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Deity physiology: As a deity, Yuda Kal has special abilities.[1]
    • Immortality: Due to Yuda Kal being a deity, she is presumed to be an immortal being.[1]
    • Power bestowal: When combining the Rock of Yuda Kal with the proper ingredients, an individual will gain the power of a Worldkiller. However, this comes with a cost, as the rock becomes fused to the bearer and can only be removed using a source of extreme energy, such as a Kryptonian's heat vision.[2]



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