Yvette is a transgender woman, a resident of National City, and the roommate of Nia Nal.


Yvette accidentally took Nia Nal's rental car on the latter's first day at work, causing Nia to be late.[1]

Yvette was tasked with keeping Nia from falling asleep when her roommate began struggling with "nightmares". When Nia had another "nightmare", Yvette quipped how she "[sleeps] funny". Nia told Yvette off for not doing what she asked, to which Yvette protested she allowed Nia a couple hours of rest, which is needed to stay functional at work.[2]

During her and Nia's Valentine's Day party, Yvette forced Brainy to dance, claiming every song to be her "jam". Shortly following the party, Yvette welcomed Brainy into her apartment when he arrived with a box of chocolates for Nia. She ate through them, keeping Brainy company until Nia arrived home.[3]



Season 4

Season 5


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