Yvette is the older sister of Nichelle Payne, and the aunt of the late Keenan Payne and Khalil Payne.


Early life

Yvette was born and raised in Freeland alongside her younger sister Nichelle. She never married and lived alone out of town at the 5038 of Franlkyn Avenue.[1]

Giving refuge to her nephew

When her nephew Khalil and Jennifer Pierce run away from Freeland, they took refuge at her home; however, after a mercenary hired by Tobias Whale, Giselle Cutter, arrived at Yvette's door pretending to be an officer and attacked the woman, Khalil was forced to knock out his aunt and start fighting the mercenary while Jen dragged Yvette to safety.[1]

After she awoke, Yvette was assisted by Black Lightning, Thunder and Gambi, who revealed to her that the two runaways' actions had probably saved her life.[2]


Black Lightning

Season 2


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