ZETA is a private army created by Galaxy One in order to hunt any and all vigilantes. Those soldiers are recognizable due to their helmets that posses the Archer program.


At some point, Eden Corps manage to provide the Archer program and use it in the profit of Galaxy One.

After a incident at the Glades festival, Keven Dale introduce to Mayor Ramirez a prototype of ZETA soldier mask.[1]

Hunt of Vigilantes

Shortly after the festival incident, ZETA soldiers start paroling the Glades searching for canaries to kill. Later, a soldier that has killed a canary was ambushed by the canaries and stooped by Laurel Lance and his mask was taken by the canaries.[2]

Some time later, Keven Dale promote the creation of ZETA soldiers from Galaxy One to hunt vigilantes.[3]

Zeta Soldiers were tasked to arrest the Canaries at their lair but a undercover agent helps them to escape. Later, the canaries would try to destroy the Glades wall but soldier could not arrest them since the Archer program was hacked. Some soldier on top of the Glades Wall, were killed by Mia Smoak when she placed explosives.[4]

The ZETA operation was presumably shut down due to the downfall of Galaxy One and the Glades on his way of a unification.



Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Universe, Project Zeta, also known as the Zeta Project, was a government project in the late 2030s and early 2040s. It first appeared in Batman Beyond animated series.


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