"I know I've disappointed more than a few of you. Got amends to make. I've, uh, felt the light of an angel and the hand of the devil. Though those are forces much greater than we are, the only thing more powerful is our ability to choose."

Zachary is a pastor from Briarwood who temporarily had the ability to heal wounds and sickness.


Early life

One night, Zachary had one too many drinks and went out drunk. He took out a gun and shot a man and kept telling himself it was a deer, despite knowing it was actually a man.[1]

Pastor of a congregation

Pastor Zachary and his church rejoice after the former's resurrection and recovering Nate Byars's leg.png

After a failed demonstration, Zachary was bit by a snake, possibly possessed by Imogen, who wanted to try how easy it would be to kill a mortal. Due to his unforgiven transgression, he was about to be to Hell, however, Imogen ripped out a feather from her own wing and placed it in Zachary's hand, resurrecting him. Zachary proceeded to regenerate Nate Byars's missing leg and his church rejoiced.[1]

People from around the United States began to go to Zachary's church after hearing of his miracle. After Nate Byars murdered a doctor and a police officer, he was informed, though denied that Nate could do such a thing. After Sarah told Zachary that he should stop what he's doing due to it being ungodly, Zachary banned her from the church. Zachary had a visit that night from John Constantine who told him that feather is dangerous, though Zachary told Constantine that he was the only evil there.[1]

Zachary held a group baptism the following day. After Zed Martin tricked Zachary and took his feather, a few individuals, who Zachary healed, turned into ghouls and went after Zed. Zachary, Constantine, and Zed ran off to the church and as Zed ran to Imogen, Zachary confessed his transgression. Realizing Imogen is an angel of Hell, Constantine ran off to stop Zed. The following day, Zachary apologized and presumed to his congregation.[1]


Zachary has been plagued by the drunk killing of a man he was guilty of in his early life. Instead of asking forgiveness from Jesus, he deluded himself into thinking that he killed a deer and focusing on running a charismatic congregation. After getting an angel feather, he became sure that continuing the extravagant preaching with snake-filled ceremonies and healing individuals with the feather's power was his mission from God. His blind faith led to him chasing away the individuals who tried to help him, and being able to blast Constantine with the feather's power only made Zachary more certain of his might. Only after he himself was blasted by the feather, now wielded by Zed Martin, and saw the ghouls around him he realized something was wrong with his powers. As Constantine figured out what happened, with Zachary going to Hell, the preacher lost control of his emotions and almost thrown himself to be killed by the ghouls, thinking that he deserves such a gruesome fate. After the troubles surrounding Imogen's feather ended, he decided to make amends to the individuals and his own family members, such as Sarah.[1]

Powers and abilities


Former powers

  • Angel feather application: Zachary was able to use the power behind Imogen's angel feather.
    • Healing: Zachary could heal any kind of disease or trauma, including regenerating missing limbs.[1]
      • Ghoul corruption: Although not intentionally, the people blessed by Zachary would become time bombs, later transforming into mindless ghouls, formed by magic gone wrong, as part of Imogen's plan.[1]
      • Wildlife corruption: The magic rituals also corrupted local wildlife, killing all the fish in a nearby lake.[1]
    • Force blasts: When Constantine tried to snatch the feather, Zachary was able to blast him with a force push, throwing him away.[1]


  • Snake handling: Bar one bite, Zachary was able to successfully handle snakes during his sermons, being able to hold them in such ways that they would usually abstain from biting him.[1]


Former equipment

  • Angel feather: Getting Imogen's magic feather, Zachary was able to use her magic, but at the expense of corrupting wildlife and humans.[1]




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