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"This is classic Zaguron perimeter technique. They land, wait for dark, and then they eat anyone who isn't smart enough to get out of their way."
Gary Green[src]

Zagurons are a species from Earth-Prime.


At some point, Amelia Earhart was captured by Bishop as part of his experiments and her DNA was spliced with Zaguron DNA, but this created a Zaguron part which fought for total control of her body. She was eventually killed by this part of her and her body, along with the Zaguron part, was killed by Ava Sharpe. Several Zagurons hunted Mick Rory and Kayla into her spaceship, but they failed.[1]

Several Zagurons chased Mick, Sara and Gary as they tried to escape Pliny X19, but they were defeated by Kayla.[2] Later, an army of Zagurons invaded Earth in the 1920’s after the Fountain of Imperium was killed, but were defeated by the Legends. Most of them were also destroyed in the process.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Superhuman speed: Zagurons are incredibly fast. They can appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.
  • Enhanced strength: Coupled with their speed, Zagurons also possess impressive strength. However they are not nearly as strong as other species of alien such as Kryptonians and Daxamites.
  • Death inducement: Zagurons have stingers that they can use for offensive attacks. According to Bishop, there is no cure for a Zaguron sting.


  • Light: Zagurons are light sensitive.
  • Fountain of Imperium: Zagurons can be defeated using Fountain of Imperium magic.

Known Zagurons


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