Zak Zeal is a Collector investigator and was the lead investigator over the murder of Gypsy.


Early life

At some point Zack joined the Collectors and became a acquaintance of Gypsy.

Investigating Gypsy's murder

After Gypsy had been murdered by Echo, he went to Earth-1 to investigate the crime scene. He was informed of Cisco Ramon and Kamilla Hwang's arrival at the scene. There, Zak commented the look of Cisco since he had previously had multiple conversation with Gypsy and is disappointed to see that he is not as tall as described. Cisco mocks him by saying that she never mentioned him at all. He then asks an agent if Walker is updating the dimension app report. He then described what happened to her making Cisco realize that there is no corpse left of her. Before Cisco leaves, he tells him that he truly admired Gypsy and that he is sadder about her death than him. Later when Breacher informed the Collectors that Cisco killed her. He comes to S.T.A.R. Labs and attempts to arrest Cisco but it turned out it's a hologram and they are trapped in the room by a forcefield and asks for back-up. 4 minutes later, after they look at Cisco's message in a holocube that revealed of Echo being Cisco's doppelgänger from Earth-19 and everything else about Gypsy's murder. At the crime scene, he saw the evil doppelgänger trapped in a forcefield. He then proceeds to arrest Echo.[1]


Zak thinks highly of himself.
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  • Skilled Investigator: Zak is shown to be a skilled investigator.

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