"My name is Benatu Eshu. As of this message, I am no longer a representative of the Zambesi government."
Benatu Eshu[src]

Zambesi is a country in Africa, and the site of the M'Changa Province and traditional Zambesi Village, where the Anansi Totem and other miscellaneous artifacts were located.




In the ancient times, Zambesi was granted 6 elemental amulets by the African Gods to protect the six villages. One of such amulets was the Anansi Totem.[1]

Zambesi was instrumental in imprisoning Mallus. Five tribes helped to imprison him but the sixth tribe, the one wielding the Death Totem, sided with him leaving the aforementioned totem highly connected to Mallus.

When Mari was still an unnamed baby, the Zambesi Village was attacked by the forces of General Benatu Eshu, a local warlord. He tried to kill Esi and take the Anansi Totem, but was overpowered by the totem's magical powers. In anger, Eshu burned down the village.[2]

At some point, Eshu left his military career to become an ambassador of the Zambesi government in the United States. In reality, he used his position to hunt for the rest of the Zambesi Totems. After gaining the fire totem and using its powers to threaten Detroit, Eshu denounced his affiliation with the Zambesi government.[3]

To finally defeat Mallus, the Legends deliberately altered the events of Zambesi's destruction, allowing the village to continue on a thriving society.[4]


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