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Zambesi Village is a village located in the M'Changa Province of Zambesi, an African country of the same name.[1] In the original timeline, the village was destroyed by the warlord Benatu Eshu in 1992, and its ruins uninhabited. However, due to the Legends' intervention, the village was saved and is currently protected by sisters Kuasa and Mari. The Legends also returned the Totems of Zambesi to the village, except the Air Totem, which remained in Zari Tarazi's family line.


Original timeline[]

Inhabitants of the village guarded the Anansi Totem for many generations after it was gifted to their warrior, Tantu, by the spider-god Anansi. The totem was passed down through generations to a new guardian, who was chosen at a very young age.[2]

Sometime prior to 1863, an unidentified woman was born in the village before being sold into slavery. She passed on the knowledge and traditions of the village to her daughter, Mary; while enslaved on the Collins Plantation, Mary encountered a guardian of the Totem, Amaya Jiwe, who freed her and several of her fellow slaves.[3]

In her adulthood, Amaya Jiwe began protecting the village as the guardian of the Anansi Totem, taking on the mantle from her mother and grandmother.

In 1992,[4] Amaya's granddaughter Kuasa was named as the next guardian of the Totem at four years of age[2] after Esi rejected her destiny as the next totem bearer.[5] Soon after a local warlord, Benatu Eshu, raided the village, killing almost everyone, including Amaya[4] and her son-in-law, who had tried to stand up to the invaders. Esi attempted to hold them off with the Anansi Totem,[6] but was forced to escape with her younger daughter, Mari and the Totem before Eshu destroyed the village, accidentally leaving behind Kuasa.[2]

Many years later, Kuasa considered it her duty to continue protecting the village, though it remained empty. Kuasa kidnapped Mari and brought her back to Zambesi in order to take the Anansi Totem, which was now bonded to her. After successfully taking the Totem, Kuasa was worshiped by locals until Mari, encouraged by the Totem's spirits, was able to reclaim it.[7]

Current timeline[]

In 2018, due to the Legends' intervention, the village was saved by Amaya and Esi and is protected by sisters Kuasa and Mari, who share the role as its protector.[8]

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  • It is possible that the village of Baron Reiter is Zambesi, the same village of Vixen, which was also destroyed in Africa.[9]
  • Zambesi Village is probably named after the Zambezi, the fourth-longest river in Africa, whose name is also spelled "Zambesi" or "Zambeze". The river begins in Zambia and flows through (or along the borders of) Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, so the village may be in one of those countries.