Zambesi Village, or simply Zambesi, was a village located in an unspecified African country.


Inhabitants of the village guarded the Tantu Totem for many generations after it was gifted to them by the spider-god Anansi. The next guardian of the totem was chosen when they were very young.

Mari McCabe's family lived in Zambesi Village, and her older sister Kuasa was named as the next guardian of the Tantu Totem at four years of age. Soon after, a local warlord raided the village, killing almost everyone, including Mari's father, who tried to stand up to the invaders. Mari's mother managed to escape with Mari, Kuasa and the Tantu Totem before the warlord destroyed the village.[1]

Many years later, Kuasa considered it her duty to continue protecting the village, though it remained empty. Kuasa kidnapped Mari and brought her back to Zambesi in order to take the totem, which was now bonded to Mari. After successfully taking the totem, Kuasa was worshipped by locals until Mari, encouraging by the totem's spirits, was able to reclaim it.[2]


  • Zambesi Village is probably named after the Zambezi, the fourth-longest river in Africa, whose name is also spelled "Zambesi" or "Zambeze". The river begins in Zambia and flows through (or along the borders of) Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, so the village may be in one of those countries.




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