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"Zari, Not Zari" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-sixth episode overall. It aired on April 21, 2020.




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Three nights after Charlie was recruited by the Legends, a mysterious woman appears and begins a killing spree at the venue of Charlie's former band. She kills two of Charlie's former band members and asks the remaining member, Declan, where Clotho is. Declan does not know who that is, until the woman tells him that Clotho is the lead singer of the band, leading him to realize she means Charlie. He tells her that Charlie left days ago, as the woman reveals herself to be Charlie's sister Atropos, remarking that Charlie should know by now that she cannot outrun a Fate. She unveils her true form, killing Declan.

Zari awakens in Nate's bed fully clothed. Horrified, she asks what has happened and Gideon tells them she sleepwalked into Nate's room. Gideon had tried to wake her but Zari "assaulted her mainframe" while putting Gideon in snooze mode. Zari leaves Nate room, leading Behrad, Charlie and Constantine to assume that she slept with Nate. Mick passes them and assumes the same while carrying a teddy bear, and tells them they should be careful before they end up with a 16 year old child and opens a portal away. Constantine and Charlie to go get a drink, when Gideon informs them that she has unfortunate news for Charlie. Learning that her former band was killed, Charlie drinks in the parlor when Ava and Sara come to check on her. They assure her they will find the Encore who did this, but she tells them her band was not killed by an Encore, but by her sister Atropos. Constantine tells them that Atropos has made her move and they need to hurry to gather the pieces of the Loom of Fate. Charlie is overwhelmed and storms away. Sara tells Constantine that the hunt for the Loom should be on hold, as they are still coping with Ray's departure. Constantine is against this idea but Sara tells him to look into Atropos so that the Legends will be prepared when they have to face her. Constantine pretends to agree, but after they leave, he uses a spell that helps him locate the next piece of the Loom of Fate. In hell, Atropos visits Astra's mentor, who is revealed to be Lachesis, the third Fate. Atropos tells her that Clotho has taken on the name Charlie, leading Lachesis to realize that their sister is travelling in time with the Legends. Lachesis tells Atropos that she can use Constantine's soul token to locate him, telling her to use him to find Charlie and make it "a hell of a family reunion".

On the Waverider, the Legends learn that Constantine has taken the jumpship to look for the next piece, something Gideon was unable to alert them about as Zari still has her on snooze mode. They plan to look for Constantine before Atropos finds him, when an angry Mick appears with a decapitated teddy bear and yells that parenting sucks. Worried about him, Ava decides to check in on him while Sara and Charlie attempt to bring Constantine back. Sara and Charlie find the jumpship unattended and decide to gear up before going after Constantine, with Charlie able to sense where the next piece is. Ava checks in on Mick in the galley, who tells her that Lita told him he ruined her life. He plans to travel back to the reunion to stop himself from sleeping with her mother, a plan that a horrified Ava talks him out of, pointing out that he cannot just erase his daughter's existence. Ava suggests that they travel back in time so that Mick can be present for important moments in Lita's life. Mick points out that he is supposed to be in prison for the first 10 years of Lita's life, but Ava tells him she has an idea. Meanwhile, Sara and Charlie discover that the location they are in is where they are also filming Supernatural, Sara's favorite show. Sara asks Charlie what her early life was like, and the latter tells her that as Clotho she spun out the threads of each life, while Lachesis would measure out how long each life should be, and Atropos would bring about death and eventually kill everyone, a job Charlie solemnly notes was a job that Atropos loved to do. On the Waverider, Zari sees a mysterious cat and follows it into the lab before it disappears. Behrad is in there and tries to comfort a disoriented Zari by asking her to join him for video games. Despite having never played a video game, Zari is suddenly able to beat Behrad easily, something which shocks her. Zari tells Behrad she feels like she is being haunted and compelled to perform actions by someone else, and as she grabs Behrad's arm, she is able to activate the Air Totem on his wrist and shoot gusts of wind from her hands, to the Tarazi siblings confusion. Sara has managed to find Constantine and asks how he plans to deal with Atropos, although Constantine does not consider her to be a threat. While the two of them argue, Charlie begins to hear Atropos calling to her and warning that she is coming and the jumpship explodes.

Sara attempts to contact Ava, but the jumpship being destroyed disabled their comms. Charlie berates Constantine for trapping them with Atropos, but he maintains that he had no choice as if Atropos gets the next piece of the Loom, she can also get the final piece. Left with no option, Charlie agrees to bring them to the next piece. On the Waverider, Behrad and Nate explain to Zari that when the Legends changed history at Heyworld, the timeline changed, leaving a temporal echo around her. They deduce that in the previous timeline, Zari likely was a computer expert who wielded the Air Totem with Behrad. Zari deduces that her counterpart likely helped save the world, and quietly contemplates how her counterpart seems amazing. Charlie begins to feel overwhelmed by Atropos calling to her, and relents when Atropos tells her that she will kill Sara and Constantine if Charlie does not come to her. Sara and Constantine turn around to realize that Charlie as left them alone. In Central City 2004, Mick and Ava wait for Ali to return home with a baby Lita. Ava tells Ali that she arranged for Mick to be released from prison for a visit but Ali tells them to leave. Ali then sees a bassinet that Mick brought from Victorian England and decides to let Mick meet Lita. Ava takes a picture of Mick holding a baby Lita next to Ali. The two of them then travel to various parts of Lita's childhood for Mick to spend time with her while Ava photographs them. In the present, Charlie meets Atropos and tells her sister she did not mean to hurt their family. Atropos berates her for her actions, and Charlie shapeshifts into her childhood form. Atropos appears to be able to convince Charlie to bring her to the pieces, when Sara and Constantine arrive and attempt to fight her. They are unable to stop her, but Constantine tells them to leave while he holds her off. Charlie tells Sara that Constantine is most likely dead, as her sister does not leave anyone alive, but Constantine appears shortly afterwards and claims to have tricked Atropos by leaving an illusion of his corpse behind. He suggests they leave, but unknown to them, the real Constantine is lying in the forest bleeding to death.

On the Waverider, Zari tells Behrad how she feels strange being compared to her counterpart. Behrad assures her that Zari will also be his favorite sibling but suggests Zari go on a Totem quest to speak with their ancestors and she agrees. Charlie tells Sara that she wonders if Atropos was right and she belongs with her sisters, but Sara convinces her that Charlie gets to decide who she wants to be, and that she has chosen to be brave and kind. Touched, Charlie thanks Sara and decides she does know who she is. In Central City, Mick gives Lita the album of photos that Ava took, but she tells him it is a reminder of all the times Mick abandoned her. Mick claims he was in prison, but Lita points out he was released from prison 5 years ago. She tells him she never went to her school's homecoming dance, as after Mick left with Ava she insisted on waiting the whole night to say goodbye to Mick, but he never came back that night. Ava apologizes that the album turned out to be a bad idea, and suggests that nothing will help Mick make up for not being there for Lita, and instead he should apologize to her and he agrees. Sara, Ava and "Constantine" find a corpse of Supernatural crew members, with "Constantine" telling Charlie that this is what happens when a piece of the Loom of Fate is left alone for too long. Charlie tells them that the next piece of the Loom of Fate is located inside a tree trunk. On the Waverider, Ava returns to see Behrad and Zari prepare for Zari's Totem Quest. Gideon informs Ava that the jumpship is not responding and Zari attempts to help, but begins to feel the effect of the Lyoga root. While wearing the Air Totem, Zari enters the World between Worlds expecting to find her ancestors, but is instead greeted her alternate timeline counterpart, Zari Tomaz.

Tomaz asks Zari if their parents and Behrad are alive, and struggles to hold back her tears when Zari confirms that they are. Zari asks about herself, leading Tomaz to comment that the new version of herself is self absorbed. Tomaz explains to Zari that she was sent here with the other former totem bearers when the timeline changed. She suggests that the two of them have a lot to discuss. Meanwhile, Charlie attempts to obtain the piece of the Loom of Fate, but the corpses begin to come alive and attack them. Just as Charlie manages to retrieve the piece, "Constantine" attacks her and reveals himself to be Atropos. When Sara attempts to stop her, Atropos reveals her true form and seemingly kills her. Atropos notes that Charlie is now mortal, but tells her if she apologizes, her sisters will heal her. Inspired by what Sara told her, Charlie tells Atropos she is not a Fate anymore, but one of the Legends. She tells her that she will never find the other pieces, when the Waverider arrives, and Atropos senses the piece of the Loom of Fate on board. She tells Charlie the humans have let her down and leaves her behind.

In the totem, Tomaz is surprised that Zari is not a couple with Nate but pleased to learn that Behrad is a Legend and a good friend of Nate. Zari asks if Tomaz is disappointed in her, as Tomaz was a superhero who saved the world twice while she is just a failed celebrity. Tomaz tells her that in this timeline her family is alive and Zari seems like a nice person, two things that are enough for her to be satisfied. Charlie is almost killed by a zombie while restrained, but is saved by Sara who survived Atropos attack. Charlie warns her that Atropos is on the Waverider, with Behrad reporting to Ava that Atropos is indeed on board and looking for the piece. Ava tells him to get off the ship with Zari when she and Nate discovers Constantine, who has barely managed to survive. Behrad attempts to wake Zari to no avail, when Atropos appears behind him to demand for the piece of the Loom of Fate. Atropos threatens to kill Zari if he stops her from taking the piece and Behrad stands aside as Atropos puts the rings on her hand. Just as Atropos is leaving, Behrad attempts to stop her but fails. Atropos notes that Behrad does not belong in the world, and kills him by severing his life thread. The Legends return to find Behrad's corpse as Sara orders Ava to bring the ship into the temporal zone, even with Atropos still on board. Atropos is surprised that Sara survived and the two begin to battle in the cargo bay. Sara attempts to use the hell sword, but it has no effect on Atropos. She tells Gideon to open the cargo doors, sucking Atropos into the temporal zone but Atropos manages to hold onto Sara's leg. Charlie appears and uses the hell sword to cut off Atropos hand and Atropos is sucked out of the ship. The hand of Atropos fades away, leaving the pieces of the Loom of Fate behind. Inside the totem, Tomaz tells Zari to visit again, perhaps with Behrad next time and the two of them hug goodbye. Zari awakens to see a sorrowful Nate and Ava as she asks where Behrad is. As she wonders what has happened, she sees Sara over Behrad's corpse. She runs to his corpse, and begins to wail in devastation. Hours later, Zari is still crying but musters her strength to find Constantine in the med bay. She asks if the Loom can bring Behrad back and he confirms, but warns her that they are being hunted by a pair of Gods, and the situation is more dangerous. Zari tells him that she doesn't care, and until they resurrect Behrad she will be following Constantine every minute of every day.


Preparation ran from October 11 until October 22, 2019. Shooting ran from October 23 until November 4, 2019.[1]