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"Zari, Not Zari" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-sixth episode overall. It aired on April 21, 2020.




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The scene opens at a show for The Smell, the band Charlie was playing with when she initially met the Legends. Occurring days after she left, a puzzling lady enters their scene, butchers a lot of individuals, and kills the band while searching for her. She uncovers herself to be a Fate. On the Waverider, Zari awakens in Nate's bed, astonishing them two. Gideon reveals to her that she sleepwalked into his room in the night. She leaves, catching Behrad in the lobbies. He's dealing with fixing something that Zari had clearly meddled with in her rest.

After everybody assembles in the lobby to kid about Zari and Nate's circumstance, Gideon uncovers to Charlie that her bandmates had been killed. Constantine asks all her moving and beat her sisters to the Loom, yet Charlie isn't having it, and tempests off.

Without the remainder of the group, Constantine utilizes the Loom piece they need to divine where another piece may be, finding Vancouver on a guide. In Hell, the Fate who executed her companions (Atropos) shows up in the spirit printing territory, uncovering that the lady who has been controlling Astra is Lachesis, the third Fate.

While Charlie and Sara head to Vancouver to search for Constantine, Ava remains behind to assist Mick with his girl, choosing to fix their relationship by embeddings Mick into key minutes in his little girl's adolescence.

On the Waverider, Zari is strolling through the lobbies when he sees a feline. She tails it, confounded, and discovers Behrad playing computer games in Ray's old lab. She reveals to Behrad that she believes she's losing it, and he urges her to attempt a battling game to adapt to her issues. She recollects a portion of her previous lifestyle and promptly turns into a whiz, beating Behrad easily. As she began to freeze, her old forces began to show.

In Vancouver, Constantine discovers Baby, the Impala from Supernatural. While he and Sara contend, Charlie begins to hear her sister's voice in her mind. The escape is pulverized, leaving the trio abandoned.

While the street group advance toward the bit of the Loom, Behrad makes sense of pretty much precisely what happened to Zari, despite the fact that he and Nate both erroneously accept that Behrad would have been a piece of the group close by Zari, considering them the Wonder Twins. Back in Vancouver, Charlie vanishes in the wake of being clairvoyantly assaulted by her sister.

During the '00s, Mick and Ava imagine that he had been discharged from Iron Heights for administered appearance with his little girl. Having built a lodging, he met with her multiple times over the coming years, turning into a genuine dad to his little girl and holding with Ava en route.

In Vancouver, Atropos goes up against Charlie about humankind's inadequacies, requesting she carry her to the bit of the Loom. Charlie, returning to a kid, nearly takes her sister's hand before Sara and Jon interfere. Constantine figures out how to summon a spell to occupy Atropos so Charlie and Sara can escape. He shows up next to them, saying that he faked his passing and tricked Atropos, however at the creekside not far away, a draining Constantine lies still.

In the Waverider kitchen, Zari and Behrad interface because she's unreliable about not being as "acceptable" as Zari 1.0. He urges her to utilize psychotropic medications to go "into" the emblem and converse with their precursors.

While the away group clears their path through the forested areas, Atropos tunes in on their discussion.

At his little girl's home in the present, Mick attempts to give her a photograph collection from every one of their recollections together, yet she despite everything thinks he deserted her since she realizes he escaped prison five years back, and consistently evaporated just after the "fun part" of those recollections. Ava urges him to apologize to her.

In Vancouver, the away group is only feet from the following bit of the Loom when Ava comes back to the Waverider and finds that the escape isn't reacting. Behrad is strolling Zari through communing with the symbol while Ava attempts to discover what's happening. Inside the Totem, Zari encounters herself.

Zari 1.0 gets some information about Behrad and their folks, and the two rapidly get a Cliff's Notes variant of the other's backstory.

In the forested areas in Vancouver, individuals from the Supernatural team killed by Atropos begin to ascend as zombies to assault the Legends. After Atropos uncovers herself and apparently executes Sara, the Waverider shows up. Taking the most recent bit of the Loom from Charlie, Atropos utilizes it to detect the one on board the Waverider and goes to discover it.

While Zari is communing with herself, Ava and Nate are in the forested areas in Vancouver, Behrad wound up going head to head with Atropos, who requests to know where the second bit of the Loom went. At the point when he won't advise her, she divines it, and afterward murders him in the fight that results when she takes it and he attempts to slaughter her with one of the captivated weapons the Legends had taken from Hell. Disclosing to him that he doesn't have a place there, she hauls a string of destiny out of his chest and cuts it, executing him in a split second.

Requesting the boat to take off, Sara fights Atropos in the freight inlet, cutting her with one of the Hell weapons. It doesn't execute her, but Sara orders Gideon to open the storage while in the Temporal Zone. As Atropos sticks to Sara, Charlie cuts her sister's hand off, both driving her into the Temporal Zone and winning the rings that speak to the Loom.

Within the Totem, Zari says goodbye to her old self. At point she awakens to a mournful team educating her regarding Behrad's passing. Wailing wildly, Zari at last concocts an arrangement: she goes to Constantine and reveals to him that he needs to help fix the Loom with the goal that they can bring Behrad back.


Preparation ran from October 11 until October 22, 2019. Shooting ran from October 23 until November 4, 2019.[1]