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"Change is hard, but it can also be beautiful. It can be both."
—Zari Tarazi to Nate Heywood[src]

Zari Tarazi[1] (born c. 2009/2010[2]), is a time traveler, member of the Legends, and one of the wielders of the Air Totem which is one of the Six Lost Totems of Zambesi. She is the daughter of an unnamed man and Nasreen Tarazi as well as the older sister of Behrad Tarazi. Zari is also the ex-girlfriend of John Constantine.

At a young age, Zari became famous all over social media and was known as "Dragon Girl" for taming the dragon Wickstable at Heyworld.[1] Years later, when Behrad came home with Nate, Zari recognized him from Heyworld and discovered that he was a time traveler. Before she was able to tell her parents, Behrad used a time courier to send her to Waverider, where she met the Legends and eventually decided to join the team.

After the creation of "Loomworld", Zari's body was temporarily taken over by her alternate timeline self. Charlie later ripped Zari's life thread in half, giving a physical body to both versions of Zari.[3] However, in an effort to keep Behrad from dying again, Tomaz decided to return to the Air Totem.[4]

After realizing how much Tomaz missed Behrad, Zari visited her in the World between worlds and told Tomaz about her plan to temporarily swap places so they could both spend some time with Behrad.[5]

After she returned from the Air Totem, Zari became increasingly worried about Constantine because of his actions.[6] After Constantine tricked Zari and the other Legends so he could search for the Fountain of Imperium with Bishop, the team was eventually able to track him down. However, they were too late and Constantine died shortly after they found him, leaving Zari devastated.[7] After Constantine was resurrected, they decided to break up.[8]


Early life

Zari's life was identical to that of Zari Tomaz until the Legends created Heyworld in her youth in 2019; by doing this, the Anti-Meta-human Act of 2021 never passed, A.R.G.U.S. did not rise to power, and religious freedom was not banned.[2] In 2019, Zari became famous all over social media for taming the dragon Wickstable at Heyworld and was nicknamed "Dragon Girl".[1] At some point in or before January 2020, "Dragon Girl" was still trending at #1 worldwide on social media. In January 2020, Behrad Tarazi was born, giving Zari a younger brother.[9]

Using her newfound social media status, Zari was able to accumulate a net worth of $500 million by the time she was 15 years old.[10] Behrad eventually became the owner of the Air Totem in a family with the surname Tarazi since it did not need to be hidden by 2042.[2]

At some point before 2042, Zari began dating DJ S'More Money.[11] The two separated after he cheated on her with Les-lay and leaked the photos.[12] Zari attended the 2044 VMA's and arrived being carried like a goddess.[13] At some point, Zari became friends with Blue Ivy.[14]

Social media influencer

"Be polite, Zari."
"He's the one drooling on me."
Nasreen Tarazi and Zari Tarazi[src]

Tarazi family dinner.

When the Legends altered the timeline at Heyworld, Zari became famous, eventually becoming a socialite and an entrepreneur. She had 51 million followers, calling them Z Nation.

When Behrad and Nate Heywood visited her family in 2044 for her father's birthday, Zari began to grow suspicious when she noticed Behrad had the Air Totem and that he and Nate, who mistook her for his girlfriend Zari Tomaz, hadn't aged a day since 2019. Before she could reveal the truth to her parents, Behrad transported Zari aboard the Waverider using a time courier.[1]

Changing fate

Joining the Legends

The Legends' photo booth picture at Central City High.

Since the Legends had a mission, Behrad locked Zari in a room aboard the Waverider. However, she eventually managed to hack into Gideon's mainframe and escape after she regained some memories of a version of herself from a previous timeline. When Zari left the Waverider she wasn't aware she was in 1989 and got into a limousine with Freddy Meyers and his friends. Shortly after she got into the limousine, Zari was attacked by the Prom Night Slasher. Zari managed to use her Dragonesque perfume to fend off Kathy until Kathy was defeated by Behrad using the Air Totem. Upon realizing why Behrad had the family totem, Zari decided to stay with him and the Legends for a while.[14]

Ava and Zari in high class attire.

Since Zari had decided to stay with the Legends for a while, she was given a tour of the Waverider. While the team was getting ready for their next mission, Zari showed up and asked if she could join them. After Ava Sharpe eventually allowed Zari to join them, she celebrated by spraying her Dragonesque perfume all over Ava. When the Legends arrived at the Palace of Versailles in 1793 in France, Zari helped them get into the Palace where an "execution" was taking place. Upon entering the Palace, the team noticed that there was no execution and that they were actually at a party. The Legends began searching the party for the "encore" and Nate eventually noticed Marie Antoinette. Zari and Ava figured out that Marie's superpower was charm which was causing people to party themselves to death. Since Ray, Nate, and Behrad were already by affected Marie, Ava trusted Zari to come up with a plan to get Marie out of the Palace of Versailles. Ava and Zari started to lure Marie away from the Palace by making her believe that there was an after-party that she wasn't a part of. However, Marie's head got knocked off in the getaway, causing the Legends have to carry her to the Waverider in pieces.

Ava and Zari looking at Marie Antoinette's head.

After talking with Marie's head, Zari decided to look into the future and found out that her Dragonesque perfume had destroyed users' sense of smell. In order to prevent that from happening, Zari stole Marie's perfume and headed to her perfume launch. At the perfume launch, DJ S'More Money accidently spilt Marie's perfume all over Zari, causing everyone there to go after her. Ava, Nate, and Behrad arrived at the perfume launch and attempted to help Zari. Zari and Ava eventually decided to jump into a fountain which washed the perfume off of Zari. Afterward, Zari became friends with Ava and started regain more memories of a version of herself from a previous timeline.[11]

Zari was looking for Behrad and found him talking to Charlie and Behrad introduced the two to each other. During the Legends' team meeting, Ava instructed Zari and Ray to stay on the behind on the Waverider while the rest of the team were on a mission in 1997 in Hong Kong. John Constantine was also aboard the Waverider, but he tried to leave. Ray eventually let him leave, but decided to go with him, leaving Zari alone. During the Legends' mission, Zari tried to help them by researching history and telling them any information she thought might be useful.[15]

Zari and the Legends at Ray and Nora's wedding.

Mick Rory was upset someone was trashing "Rebecca Silver" online and Zari was tasked with helping him. Zari told Mick to send the "troll" a signed booked. However, that didn't work, so Zari tracked down the "troll". When Zari and Mick arrived at address that she found, they discovered that the "troll" was Mick's daughter Lita. Later, Zari went to Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk's wedding at Constantine's house.[16]

Since Zari had made everyone wait outside of the bathroom, Ray decided to tell them that he and Nora were leaving the Legends. Before Nora left the team, the ladies decided to have one last "Book Club" and they invited Zari to participate. However, Zari suggested that they throw Nora a belated bachelorette bash instead. When the male Legends failed their mission, they returned to the Waverider and asked the ladies for help. In order to fix history, the team had to put on a performance of Romeo and Juliet. Originally, Nate was going to play Juliet, but Zari decided to take over the role so Nate could say goodbye to Ray.[17]

Zari meets a version herself from the previous timeline.

Zari woke up in Nate's bed, disgusting her. Later, Behrad suggested to Zari that she go on a "totem quest". Zari agreed and traveled to the World between worlds in the hopes of figuring out why she was having memories of someone else's life. In the World between worlds she met Zari Tomaz and they talked about the differences between their lives. After coming out of her trance, she saw that Behrad had been murdered by Atropos. Stung, Zari looked for Constantine and asked him if he could bring her brother back using the Loom of Fate.[18]

Zari dressed as Cleopatra.

Zari went to Constantine's house with the Legends, where he used a spell to try to summon the last piece of the Loom. However, spell failed when Sara Lance passed out and Zari and John fell into a portal while trying to grab the ring. They realize that they are still in John's house, but that they are in the past when his house was a boarding house run by an old woman named Mrs. Hughes. Zari and Constantine check in and meet a man named Dr. White, who ends up being Jack the Ripper who was an encore. They managed to defeat him, but several other encores sent by Lachesis appeared, all of whom were looking for the last piece of the Loom. Zari then disguised herself as Cleopatra while John disguised himself as Jack the Ripper in order to deceive the encores. After they killed the encores, the Legends arrived and they managed find the last piece of the Loom.[10]

The Legends stare down Gary Jr.

The Legends began fighting over who Charlie would use the Loom of Fate on first with Zari arguing that it should be Behrad. Charlie agreed with her and tried to resurrect Behrad, but she was unsuccessful. Later, when mishaps began occurring aboard the Waverider, Zari blamed Astra Logue and sought proof that Astra should not be there. During her investigation, Zari hacked into the ship's cameras and watched the footage with Nate and Charlie. While watching each captured incident, the three realized that they had no memory of their actions. Soon they realized that Gary's dog was nearby barking whenever one of the three did something unexplainable. Gary Jr. then cornered the Legends. With nowhere to go, the team quickly went onto the dais in the brig. Later, Zari offered friendship to Astra, by offering her a tour of the Waverider, but Astra declined the offer.[19]

The Chalice of Dionysus

Zari is the only Legend who remained mortal.

Zari became a founding member of the sorority Delta Chi Sigma in order to help the Legends "win" the Chalice of Dionysus. Drinking from the chalice would give the Legends the power of immortality for 24 hours which would allow them to work the Loom of Fate. Zari was responsible for recruiting Lisa Lindholme to the sorority. She then decided to make a dish of nachos using Behrad's special recipe to celebrate the founding of the sorority. After the Legends' plan was successful and they obtained the chalice, Zari did not drink from the artifact, stating that drinking was "super haram", or forbidden by Islamic law, thus not gaining the power of immortality for 24 hours like the rest of the Legends.[13]

The Legends share how they would use the Loom.

Remaining mortal made Zari the most at risk when Atropos sent Zombies to attack the Legends during a Zombie Apocalypse. When she and Constantine became surrounded, he cast a spell that temporarily stopped her heart, so that they could get a vehicle to help the other Legends get to London. Upon reaching London, Zari became extremely frustrated as the time courier that the Legends sought was uncharged and momentarily useless and she stormed off, causing Constantine to chase after her. After Zari and Constantine returned, the Legends found themselves fighting off a hoard of zombies, just as their power of immortality waned.[20]


Zari Tomaz in the body of Zari Tarazi.

When the Fates took over the world and made free will a punishable offense, Charlie granted Zari her wish by giving her a life with her brother; the drawback was that it was within the realm of a television show. After Behrad removed the Air Totem to use the bathroom, the spirit of Zari Tomaz was able to escape the World between worlds within the totem and took over the body of Zari.

Later, in a bid to bribe Behrad to stay on his television show, Charlie ripped Zari's life thread in half. This caused Tomaz to have her own physical body separate from Zari. Zari quickly hugged her resurrected brother, happy to see him; however, as Nate held Tomaz, Behrad wondered if he now had two sisters.[3]

Having escaped their various television shows, the Legends separated into two groups, one to find the Waverider, and the other to destroy the Loom of Fate. Zari was on the latter team with Behrad, John, Astra, and Sara. Zari and Behrad found the Fates in a ceremony where they granted the citizens their various desires. As Atropos attacked Sara, Zari and Behrad grabbed hands and they both used the power of the Air Totem, which increased its strength. They used that extra strength to push the deity into the Loom. The group ran as the loom exploded and quickly boarded the Waverider and jumped to whenever and wherever they could, which was four months into the future.

Zari was surprised as Mick, Lita, Gary Green, and Mona Wu all boarded the Waverider with anger as they had waited for the ship for four months. When they confronted her, she told them to see the other Zari and not her.

Eventually, both versions of Zari were assigned to disable Gideon as the A.I. had been turned into the new loom by Lachesis. While Tomaz tried to use her hacking skills to deactivate Gideon, Tarazi chose to grab the cord and unplug it, disconnecting the world from its computerized master.[4]

Tomaz's farewell

Behrad and Zari after saying goodbye to Tomaz.

With the Fates defeated, Behrad and Zari were hanging out on the bridge of the Waverider while Behrad was working on fixing Gideon. When Tomaz entered the bridge, Zari teased her because she could tell that she had been sleeping with Nate while Behrad teased Zari for being with Constantine. Suddenly, Behrad began to bleed heavily as Tomaz's presence was causing a temporal disturbance with two timelines, one where Behrad is dead and one where he isn't, fighting for control of his life. Tomaz had a meeting with the Legends because she decided to return to the totem in order to save Behrad's life and Zari was speechless and overcome with emotion as Tomaz said farewell.[4]

Relationship with Constantine

Casual hook-up

Astra, Ava, and Zari in 1977 in London.

Constantine left The Smell concert[4] in 1977 in London to spend the night with Zari. The next morning, Zari thanked Constantine for the casual hook-up. Ava Sharpe and Mick arrived to the hotel room to inform them that Sara Lance was missing; though Mick was indifferent, Ava was surprised by the relationship.

After collecting the other Legends, Zari accompanied Constantine to his house with Astra where Constantine failed in trying to use a spell to find Sara. Zari talked with Astra who knew people in Hell who had been abducted by aliens and Astra told her about Aleister Crowley and his spell book. Constantine, Astra, and Zari found the spell book in Gary Green's room where they also discovered a cocoon and eyeglasses. They returned to the Waverider to report that Gary was the alien that took Sara.

In an effort to find Sara, Esperanza Cruz was used as a conduit to communicate to Sara across time and space. However, the spell began to slowly kill Constantine, so Zari grabbed the Air Totem from Behrad and used it to break the link which disrupted Ava's conversation with Sara. Returning to Constantine's house to heal him, Zari teased him about him regaining his strength so he could spend some time with her. After Zari left the room, Astra told Constantine that she didn't believe that his and Zari's relationship was "just a fling".[21]

Behrad, Zari, and Nate prepare to cook burgers.

Soon after, Zari travelled to 1950's California with the the Legends because an alien was located there that might help the team locate Sara. In California, the Legends scouted Big Bang Burger because Spooner felt the alien presence everywhere but could not pinpoint it.

Zari believed that her and Behrad should be sharing the Air Totem, but Behrad refused to share it. In an effort to find the alien, she became a hamburger cook alongside Behrad. Behrad tried to teach Zari how to cook hamburgers, but quit after the two got into a fight over who should wield the Air Totem. It was soon discovered that the special sauce applied to the hamburgers was of alien origin and caused people to crave meat insatiably. Customers began attacking the restaurant wanting meat; Zari, Behard, and Nate used Zari's Dragon Ash to calm the mob.

After the "Giant air feeder" was killed, Zari and Behrad argued about who should wield the Air Totem since both thought the other deserved the honour. Unbeknownst to them, Zari Tomaz was listening to their conversation within the World between worlds and annoyed by their bickering, Tomaz created a copy of the Air Totem, giving Zari her own totem.[22]

Case of the ex

Zari and Constantine sing on Da Throne.

Just as Zari decided to spend some time with Constantine, she got a call from Les-lay who informed her that DJ S'More Money, her ex-boyfriend, was eviscerated by an alien and Les-lay wanted Zari to attend his funeral.

Zari told the Legends and Gideon showed the team the video of Lord Knoxicrillion killing S'More Money. The Legends decided to go to 2040's Los Angeles in order to stop S'More Money's death. Zari did not want to be there, avoiding calls from her mother, but revealed herself to the public, so Ava, Nate, and Behrad could enter the studio that Da Throne was taking place in. After Zari announced that she was going to compete on Da Throne, her mother visited her. While they were talking, Nasreen started to belittle Zari's relationship with Constantine, but Zari assured her it was just a fling and wouldn't last. However, Constantine was secretly listening to their conversation and was hurt by what Zari said. Later, in an interview where Constantine was introduced to the world as Zari's boyfriend, he walked off the set. In an effort to humiliate Zari further, S'More Money gave her and Knoxicrillion the same song to sing in the finals.

After talking to Constantine about their relationship, Zari began to sing the song that she heard at Constantine's house. Constantine grabbed a guitar and started to sing with Zari to help her win Da Throne. After her performance, the audience voted for Zari and she was declared the winner. When she returned to the Waverider, she told the rest of the Legends that Constantine was now her boyfriend.[12]

Aliens scattered throughout history

Zari and Nate help stop a nuclear war.

When Mick woke up Zari and the rest of the Legends because he found a clue that could lead them to Sara, Zari and Nate had an awkward chat where Nate mentioned that she looked like the original Zari. When the team arrived on the bridge of the Waverider, Ava and Mick told them about Kayla. After taking them to where Kayla was last seen without telling them where they were going, Mick had the rest of the Legends help him steal a truck. When the truck they stole contained a missile instead of Kayla, Nate figured out that the team was in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In order to make sure that John F. Kennedy didn't start World War III, Zari and Nate went to Washington and infiltrated JFK's inner circle, with Zari pretending to be Nate's secretary. The situation in Washington was getting worse with General Kilgore trying to get JFK to launch an attack against the USSR. When JFK needed orders to the Strategic Air Command typed up, Nate suggested that Zari do it so she could secretly countermand his orders in order to prevent an attack that could trigger World War III. When General Kilgore figured out what Zari and JFK wouldn't use the nuclear football, he prepared to use it himself. However, Zari was able to help Nate and JFK get the nuclear football back from General Kilgore. When a missile landed outside of the White House but didn't explode, Zari celebrated alongside Nate and the rest of JFK's inner circle. After the mission, Zari became close friends with Nate. Upon learning that Mick had taken the Waverider, Zari and the rest of the Legends decided to use Constantine's house as a temporary base.[23]

Zari and the Legends as animated objects.

Upon arriving at Constantine's House, Zari and the other Legends began berating Astra with questions. Annoyed, Astra accidently transformed Zari and the rest of the team into objects, with Zari becoming a flip phone. Later, while they were still objects, Zari and the other Legends helped Astra defeat Aleister Crowley.[24]

Zari and the Legends ask Astra for help.

Zari calmed Constantine with a good breakfast when she saw that he was upset about how the Legends were treating his house. Later, she asked him why he allowed Astra to perform a complicated spell on Amelia Earhart instead of doing it himself and was wondering if he had lost his powers. Astra awoke and told Zari that she performed the spell because she was tired of playing second fiddle and Constantine owed her. Constantine then used his magic to make a flame appear on the tip of his finger and said that he was fine; Zari decided not to argue and accepted what he and Astra said. Later, after Spooner told the rest of the Legends that Amelia had killed Sara, Zari comforted Ava.[25]

The Legends are reunited with Sara.

After learning that Sara had died, Zari and the rest of the Legends travelled to the night of Sara's abduction in 1977 to try and stop her from being abducted. Despite their attempts, Sara was still abducted. The Legends accepted that fact that they couldn't save Sara when she showed up alongside Ava, Mick, and Gary. The team celebrated Sara's return and then decided to head back to the Waverider. On the way back to the Waverider, Sara proposed to Ava the rest of the Legends celebrated the proposal.[26]

Zari and the legends arrive in "Fist City".

The Legends detected an alien in 1891 in an encampment known as "Fist City", so Zari and the other Legends traveled there to investigate. Upon arrival, Zari noticed that Behrad seemed to be flirting with Astra. She tried to support him, but he told her he didn't need her help. Later, Zari and the other Legends hid in the bar to avoid the Haverack, but Zari and Behrad started fighting about how she always tries to give him advice even though he doesn't want her advice. The rest of the team also started fighting which caused the Haverack to appear. However, it was stopped by Astra and Spooner. Upon returning to the Waverider, Zari and Behrad reconciled.[27]

Swapping places

Zari talking with Tomaz about Behrad.

Zari and Behrad "ejected" Nate from the Air totem since they didn't know what he was doing in there. When the Legends arrived at Bud Stuy, Behrad thought they were there as a birthday surprise for him, so the team decided to go along with it. While the Legends were watching a taping of the show, an alien crashed onto the set and made the show a big hit. While they were looking for the alien after the taping, Zari asked Nate what Tomaz did inside the Air Totem and was surprised to learn that Tomaz mostly asked about Behrad. The Legends eventually located the alien, but they were kicked off of the set. Imran decided to leave Bud Stuy, which changed the timeline and those changes eventually led to disappearance of Zari's totem. Zari tried to convince Kamran to make the show without the alien, but Kamran ignored her. Eventually, Imran returned to Bud Stuy and reconciled with Kamran which fixed the timeline.

Zari's previous conversation with Nate led Zari to visit Tomaz in the World between worlds and she showed Tomaz some pictures of Behrad. Zari then told Tomaz to join Behrad's party before all of the cake was gone. When Tomaz expressed concern about the timeline, Zari told her that she talked to the ancestors and they told her that Behrad should be safe as long as either her or Tomaz stayed inside the World between worlds. Tomaz then thanked Zari and left the totem.[5]

Being worried about Constantine

Playing Beast/Slayers

The Legends play Beast/Slayers.

Once Tomaz returned to the Air Totem, Zari was able to leave. Since Gideon's jump drive was damaged when Constantine used his magic to locate the missing Legends, the team had to take the "long way" back to earth. In order to pass the time, Zari when on a spa date with Constantine and did some yoga with Behrad and Nate. When Constantine wanted to join in on the yoga, he cast a spell which made Behrad mad and he began to fight with Constantine. When Sara noticed that tensions were high amongst the Legends, she suggested that they play a game to bring them together.

Zari being worried about Constantine.

Constantine quickly got bored of the game, so he used his magic to make it more realistic. However, as the game progressed it became more realistic, so Sara attempted to end it by revealing that she was "the beast", but she was killed before she was able to do so. While they were looking for "the beast", Behrad kept expressing his concerns about Constantine to Zari, but she assured him that everything was fine. Everybody left the game after Zari killed "the beast" when it was attacking Constantine.

After the game, Zari visited Constantine in order to tell him that she loved him. However, when she found Constantine, Zari noticed a scar on his back and figured out that he was "the beast" during the game.[28]

Enlisting help

Zari, Astra, and Spooner discover John is using the "Scarlett Lady"

When Constantine woke up, Zari got mad at him. As he was trying to explain everything to Zari, she started to tell him how he almost killed all of them and was constantly lying to her. Zari then said Behrad was right about him and left him alone.

She later enlisted help from Astra to figure out what was wrong with Constantine. While talking they realised that they needed Spooner's help. They later found Spooner and asked her about Spain, but Spooner couldn't remember what happened after a certain point. Zari, Astra, and Spooner then realized that Constantine must have put a spell on Spooner so she would forget what had happened. After Astra cast a spell on Spooner so she would remember what happened, she told Zari and Astra that Constantine drank something because he wasn't worthy of the Fountain of Imperium. Zari then tried to secretly swipe the flask that Constantine was using in order to figure out what he was drinking. She took it to Astra and Spooner and Astra figured out that Constantine was drinking "The Scarlett Lady". Soon after, Constantine found out that Zari took his flask and tracked her down. When he arrived, Zari made him make a choice: magic or her. Constantine chose her and told her he was going to lock himself inside his house until he was better. Zari then told him that she would go with him. At Constantine's house, Zari reiterated that she loved him and told him she would help him get through whatever he was going through.[6]

Zari and the Legends try to contact Kayla.

The Legends figured out that Constantine was working with Bishop, so they went to his house to confront him. At Constantine's house, the team eventually realized that the Constantine they were talking to was an illusion and that Constantine had tricked them so he and Bishop could steal the Waverider. Zari and the remaining Legends tried to come up with a plan to stop John and rescue Mick's eggs from the ship. They chose to contact Kayla by posting a photograph of Mick with counterfeit eggs hoping to lure Kayla to them. Their plan eventually worked and Kayla appeared. Zari and the Legends told her why they had tricked her and where are eggs really were. Kayla hesitantly decided to work with them to save the eggs and took the Legends to 1925. However, they were too late and Constantine died shortly after Zari and Nate found him, leaving Zari devastated.[7]


Zari and the Legends about to fight the Zagurons.

After Constantine's death, Zari retuned to the Waverider and told the rest of the Legends about his death. Even though Zari wanted to be alone, Behrad visited her and told her that he thought Constantine was inside a mushroom. She dismissed him and told him that even if Constantine was alive, she wouldn't ask him for help after what he did. Later, Sara and Ava decided to get married before the Zaguron attack, so Zari helped Sara get ready.

Zari was in attendance at Sara and Ava's wedding and right when they were about to be married, Bishop arrived and the Zagurons escaped from their pods. All of the Legends prepared for a fight, but retreated to Gloria Cruz's house after noticing how many Zagurons there were. While they were fighting the aliens, Behrad was attacked by an alien and Sara told Zari they would have to cut his arm for him to survive, but Zari told Sara to not touch him. When Spooner told them to stop fighting, she used powers she didn't know she had to temporarily give Behrad Sara's regeneration power. After Sara and Ava said their "I do's", the Fountain of Imperium awoke and killed all of the Zagurons.

Zari breaks up with John.

After everything, Zari went to the forest where she found a resurrected Constantine. They decided to break up but before Zari left, Constantine gave Zari an old key and told her she'll find out what it was for. Zari and the remaining Legends were heading back to the Waverider when another Waverider appeared and destroyed their Waverider, leaving them stranded in 1925.[8]

Stranded in 1925

After the Waverider was destroyed, Sara told the Legends that they would board the other Waverider and figure out who destroyed their ship. However, Nate's courier had no juice left in it, meaning that they were stuck in 1925. Gary reminded Ava about the fail-safe that was installed on the Waverider, so Zari and the Legends began to search Gloria's property for the safe.

Zari and the Legends in 1925.

Zari went searching for the fail-safe with Behrad. While they were searching for the safe, they started talking about how Constantine had dumped her. However, Zari clarified that she wasn't dumped and that they both mutually agreed to end things. She then showed Behrad the key Constantine had given her and how she had to find what it was for. After returning to Gloria's house, Astra and Spooner told the rest of the team that the safe was in the Sheriff's office. When trying to figure out how to draw heat off of Gloria and her property, Ava and Gary remembered a Time Bureau rule that required agents to create a cover story, specifically a circus, if things went sideways on a mission. Zari loved the idea and created costumes for herself and the rest of the Legends. Zari and Behrad's act consisted of telling people that they were animal handlers and any creatures that people saw the other night were just some of their creatures that had escaped. After Nate and Ava managed to get the safe, the Legends discovered that it didn't have the courier and it only had a note from Mick saying that he took the time courier, a Time Bureau manual, and Behrad's gummy bears.

Zari in her circus costume.

Later, Astra tried casting a spell to bring the Waverider back, but she only ended up hurting herself and causing an explosion. When J. Edgar Hoover and his men showed up at Gloria's house, Zari and the rest of the Legends were forced to hide, but they couldn't figure out where to do so. Behrad told Zari to use the key Constantine had given her on a locked closet. When Zari opened the door, the team saw a hallway and had no choice but to enter. The Legends eventually realized that they were in Constantine's house, but Gary told them it wasn't actually Constantine's house, but a pocket dimension that he had created that just looked like his house. After a while, the team decided to leave the pocket dimension, but Zari decided to stay a bit longer.[29]

When Sara and Ava entered the pocket dimension, they were greeted by Zari, who was high, and they filled her in on what was going on. Ava later checked in on Zari to make sure that she was okay and told her that since she isn't Behrad, her coping mechanisms would not be the same as his. Zari agreed and Ava recommended that she find a project to do since she loves doing projects. Zari then decided that cleaning the pocket dimension would be her project.

Zari talking to Ava Sharpe.

While she was cleaning, Zari opened the fridge and found a bottle of whiskey, so she took it out in order to clean the fridge. When she opened the fridge again, she found another bottle of whiskey. Ava entered the kitchen, so Zari asked her how many bottles of whiskey were on the table. When Ava confirmed that there were two bottles, Zari told her that since there were multiple bottles of whiskey, there could be more than the two versions of the Waverider that they know about. Ava later returned to the kitchen to ask for a bottle of whiskey and saw that Zari was surrounded by them. Zari then told Ava that she had used the bottles to help her figure out who might have blown up the Waverider. Ava then helped Zari come up with more possible suspects.

The Legends outside of the train.

Later, Behrad and Gary asked for Zari, Sara, and Ava's help since Nate had been kidnapped by Al Capone's men. Shortly after Zari, Sara, and Ava successfully saved Nate, J. Edgar Hoover showed up and started killing all of the men who had planned on kidnapping him. In order to stop Hoover, Sara grabbed a bottle of whiskey that she, Zari, and Ava had brought and used it to knock him out. Fearing that they had killed him again, the Legends quickly realized that this Hoover was a robot. When it started a self-destruct sequence, Zari and the team quickly got into a car and drove away.[30]


"I give my followers something to aspire to."
—Zari Tarazi[src]

As a result of Zari becoming famous at a very young age, as well as becoming a self-made millionaire by the time she was 19 years old; initially, Zari was extremely arrogant, egotistical, selfish, rude, and disrespectful. Due to these traits of hers at the time, she had a strained relationship with her younger brother, Behrad Tarazi. Zari didn't get along with her brother at all because she was jealous of him, as Zari believed their parents, Mr. Tarazi and Nasreen Tarazi favored Behrad over her.[1]

However, after joining the Legends, Zari started to abandon these negative traits of hers through the team's missions. She also started to repair her relationship with Behrad and began a friendship with Ava Sharpe.[11]

Given Zari's former status as a socialite, she appears to be rather health-conscious, having gone on a juice cleanse after consuming a single donut and criticizing the thread count of Nate's blankets after waking up in his bed.[15][18]

Zari has also shown to care more about others since joining the Legends. When Constantine began acting weird and lying to her about what was going on, she became increasingly worried about him and was devastated when he died.[6][7]

Powers and abilities


"I'm just holding on to this for him. I don't have any super powers, unless you count flawless eyebrows."
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Zari using her powers.

  • Powers via Air Totem: Despite Zari never wielding the Air Totem in the current timeline, it still responded to her when she touched it due to a version of herself from a previous timeline wielding it.[18] After Behrad Tarazi's death, Zari began wielding the Air Totem.[10] After Behrad was resurrected, she returned the totem to him.[4] However, Zari Tomaz somehow created a copy of the totem, giving both Behrad and Zari the ability to wield the Air Totem.[22]
    • Aerokinesis: The totem grants Zari the power to manipulate and generate the air.[18]
      • Air blasts: The totem allows Zari to fire blasts of air from her hands.[18] By grabbing hands, Zari and Behrad can both use the power of the Air Totem, increasing the strength of their air blasts.[4]


"You hack? Hmm."
"Not so much me, but a version of me that used to exist."
Astra Logue and Zari Tarazi[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Computer specialist/Master computer hacker: Zari regained some memories of a version of herself from a previous timeline, who was a highly intelligent, experienced computer specialist and hacker. With these memories, she was able to easily hack into Gideon's mainframe on more than one occasion, bypassing past the encrypted security protocols the A.I. uses to manage the locks.[14][18] Zari is very observant as well, evident with her managing to quickly deduce that Marie Antoinette's enchantment wasn't her, but rather her perfume.[11]
    • Trilingualism: Zari is capable of fluently speaking English, Farsi,[1] and French.[12][31]
    • Expert of deception/Manipulator: Zari has an exceptional understanding of how to blend in with society, particularly with the social elite, as seen when she was able to get herself and the Legends into Marie Antoinette's party. Zari is also fairly competent in manipulating individuals, coming up with a partially-successful plan to draw Marie Antoinette away from her own party.[11] Zari's skills even enabled her to pose as Cleopatra to a room full of "encores".[10]
    • Eidetic memory: Zari possesses perfect memory recall, as she was able to instantly remember that she hadn't eaten a donut in exactly 1,743 days.[11]
  • Dancing: Zari is a very talented dancer, as seen when she danced on Da Throne.[12]
  • Singing: Zari was proven to be a good singer, as seen when she sang with John Constantine on Da Throne.[12]


  • Totem wristband: After Behrad’s death, Zari began wearing a special bracelet that allows her to bear the Air Totem.[10] After Behrad was resurrected, she returned the totem wristband to him.[4] However, Zari Tomaz somehow created a copy of the Air Totem, giving Zari her own totem wristband.[22]
    • Air Totem: All of Zari's powers came from her totem, which allows her to manipulate the element of air.[18][10]
  • Dragon Ash: Zari carries around a box that contains packages of her brand of herbal nootropic supplements known as Dragon Ash. Supposedly, these supplements enhance things such as a user's brain power and their sleep cycle.[22]

Former equipment

  • Dragonesque: Zari had a brand of perfume known as Dragonesque, presumably since she was known as "Dragon Girl". The perfume turned out to block the user's olfactory sensors, which rendered them immune to the effect of Marie Antoinette's magical perfume.[11]


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Adrianna Tomaz is known as the superhero Isis. She is able to use a mystical amulet (identical to her totem on the show) to harness the Powers of Isis using the incantation "I Am Isis", granting her power over the elements. Isis also has a younger brother who becomes the superhero Osiris. Her amulet and her brother's powers were given to them by Black Adam, with whom Isis had a relationship. The two eventually married and ruled Kahndaq.
  • Andrea Thomas, the first character to be known as the superhero Isis, debuted in the TV series The Secrets of Isis portrayed by Joanna Cameron. Cameron also appeared as Andrea Thomas/Isis in several episodes of the TV series Shazam!.
  • A version of Isis appeared in the Smallville episode, "Isis". In that episode, an amulet, which contained the spirit of the Isis, took over the body of Lois Lane.