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"Hey, I know what it's like to lose the people you love in a senseless war. It makes you desperate, but... if you really want peace, it starts with you."
—Zari Tomaz[src]

Zari Tomaz, known as Z to her friends and Khaahar to her brother, is a computer hacker, rogue time traveler, a member of the Legends and wielder of the Air Totem, one of the Six Lost Totems of Zambesi. She was an anti-government hacker who fought against the organization A.R.G.U.S. in the year 2042 alongside her brother, Behrad until he was killed. When Zari first encountered the Legends, she tricked them into helping her retrieve Behrad's totem back from an ARGUS black site. She eventually apologized and agreed to join the Legends as a full-time member.


Early life

Zari was born a few years before 2018.[1] She grew up in a Muslim family in 2042, an era which banned religion. Together with her younger brother Behrad Tomaz, Zari was part of the resistance against A.R.G.U.S.'s control of the United States, which had severe anti-meta-human laws.[2]

Zari with her family

Zari and her family before her brother's death

Working with the Legends

One night, A.R.G.U.S. raided her family's home, killing Behrad and confiscating his amulet. Later, Zari was captured by A.R.G.U.S. during an attempt to take back the totem. As they were transporting her to a prison facility, the truck was stopped by Kuasa, giving Zari time to escape before the former could kill her.

Zari made her way to a hideout, where she was found by the Legends. An A.R.G.U.S. drone found them, but Zari was able to hack it, allowing her to escape. She headed to a bar, where she was intercepted by Mick Rory, attempting to befriend her. They were interrupted by Kuasa, who was fought by Sara Lance. Rory quickly caused a diversion, allowing them to escape and return to the Legends' timeship, the Waverider. Zari agreed to help them capture Kuasa, only on the provision that they help her rescue her brother from an A.R.G.U.S. black site. They infiltrated the site and as all of the inmates escaped, triggered by Jax, Zari went to retrieve an amulet. She admitted to the Legends that she'd played them, but only as the amulet had been her brother's. She went outside, using the amulet to fly away. Zari made her way to her family's camp, followed by the Atom, but found it to be completely destroyed and them not there. Suddenly, Kuasa arrived. Working together, Ray and Zari were able to incapacitate Kuasa, allowing them to run away, but she stopped them in her tracks again. However, the Legends suddenly appeared, providing backup, forcing Kuasa to withdraw.[2]

Joining the Legends

They returned Zari to her hideout, where Rory and Amaya convinced her to join their team, the latter explaining how her amulet was in fact a totem, similar to her own. Amaya offered to teach Zari how to use her powers, which she accepted.[2]

On the Waverider, Ray tried to have a team building routine in honor of Zari joining the group, which she thought was pointless. She then watched Ray disappear in front of her which was a result of him dying in 1988. When the team prepared to travel back to save him, she was excited to actually time travel. They went back to 1988 and she suffered some side effects from the trip as she began speaking French as Ray reappeared. Zari was amazed at how different the world was in 1988 as opposed to 2042. They found young Ray Palmer and followed him to his home where they learned that Ray had a small Dominator in his bedroom. Zari was told all about the team's last encounter with the Dominators and they made a plan to sneak into Ray's room the following day to take the alien back.

The two found the Dominator named Gumball, but found that young Ray was still home and was heading back to the room. Zari hid under Ray's bed while Ray shrunk down. She then watched as young Ray took the Dominator to watch Singin' in the Rain. But, Ray's mother had come home as she had been called about Ray skipping school. She became nervous when Mrs. Palmer was close to discovering Gumball and asked for a distraction. When young Ray took Gumball and grown-up Ray into his bag to run, she went after him but he accused her of only wanting Gumball and ran away from her. She tried to go after him but she lost him in the woods. She then found him in a small tent that he made where he roleplayed being Sir Galahad. She didn't want to play pretend with him but Ray told her that she had to think like a kid to get through to him and played along. Young Ray finally came out with Gumball but they were then ambushed by Smith and his agents.

She was rescued by Ray and the duo saved young Ray and Gumball. When escaping from the agents she used her totem to transport herself and little Ray in the sky like E.T. They eventually made it to the other Legends and the Dominator Queen, who was reunited with her child. Later on, Zari convinced little Ray to go trick or treating with her and the other Legends, though she was not a fan of the costume she was wearing. Later on, she bonded with adult Ray by giving his team building exercise a go.[3]

Zari went to eat breakfast with Sara, Amaya, and Stein though she was surprised at their simple choices to eat when they could have any food they wanted. As she had gone through life on meager rations, she told them that from now on she would 'eat like a queen'. She then asked if they could take the Waverider to 2041, as that was the year that her brother had been killed so that she could try and save him from A.R.G.U.S. Sara and Amaya told her that she couldn't as it could create unforeseen consequences to the timeline. Before she could try to argue more, Nate called the team to the bridge. There he explained about outlying anachronisms and that one of them had been in 2042 where they had met Zari. He found another in Victorian London that seemed to be a series of vampire attacks.

Zari was in her room cleaning when she was approached by Amaya. Amaya wanted to talk with her about her totem but Zari was short with her about it. When Amaya pointed out that it was her brother's legacy, she angrily pointed out that she didn't want to talk about her brother especially when she and the others were telling her that she couldn't save him even though she now had a chance to. This ignited her totem that seemed to resonate with Amaya's and she explained that the reason she hadn't returned to Zambesi was that the two of them were connected. They then went to the bridge where she met Rip Hunter. Rip Hunter explained to them that he was on the hunt for an evil being by the name of Mallus and the vampire attacks were connected to him.

When Nate had been kidnapped by Sir Henry Stein, Zari went with the team to infiltrate the Order of the Shrouded Compass and rescue him, as well as find the rogue vampire. She infiltrated the club with the team and she was asked to sit for a seance with Nora Darhk. Zari's disbelief was evident to her and she told Zari that she too was a skeptic before she realized her power. Nora then went into a trance and Zari heard her speak out in her brother's voice. Zari then heard her younger brother say that it was her fault that he died as she didn't protect him and had run away. Zari tearfully tried to plead to her brother but Amaya broke the seance up. Back at the ship, Zari told Amaya that she did indeed run and left her brother to be killed by A.R.G.U.S. She also didn't want her totem anymore as it was a reminder that she should've died that day, not her brother.[4]

Crisis on Earth-X

When most of the heroes were on Earth-X, Zari along with the rest of the Legends rescued the rest of the heroes who were trapped in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. She later joined Team Flash, Team Arrow, and the rest of the Legends and helped them repel the Earth-X Nazi forces.[5]

The timeline destroyed

Zari and Charlie were about to fly back to the Waverider in jump ship and warn Sara of John's actions, but a temporal explosion caused by John's action hit the jump ship, knocking them both backward. When Charlie came to, she was excited to have her powers back but soon realized that Zari had been turned into a cat.[6]


Haunted by the loss of her brother and hardened from years of growing up in a dystopian future where she and other meta-humans are hunted, Zari generally presents herself as a cynical and gruff survivor who prefers to keep other people at arm's length, also being reluctant to join the Legends due to not feeling like any sort of team player. She tends to resort to sarcasm and/or blunt honesty as a means of communicating feelings, a quality she shares with Mick.

Zari has a very reserved personality, never wanting to show vulnerability. Instead, she tends to bottle up her emotions of sadness, likely because that’s what she’s done/had to do her entire life.

However, Zari's disposition is not entirely sour; besides her sense of humor, she is shown to have some talent in video games and enjoys them, and more noteworthy, could show empathy and compassion as the situation warranted, such as when she connected with Ray Palmer's child-self and actually did so more successfully than Ray himself did.[3] That she displayed similar empathy and kindness to a young Nora Darhk and make a strong effort to reach out to her would seem to suggest that she has a general soft spot for children.[7]

Zari was also just as devastated emotionally by the death of Martin Stein as all of her teammates were, and attended his funeral.[5] All of this indicates that, for all of her outer image of hardened survival instincts and practiced cynicism, there is a kinder and gentler side to her as well.

Zari has great pride in her Muslim roots as it is the only thing that she believes still keeps her connected to her family. Even throughout her time-traveling adventures with the Legends, she honored her traditions by celebrating Ramadan even though the hunger was making her incredibly irritable.

Powers and abilities


  • Air Totem: Zari's powers came from the Air Totem, a totem that channels and harnesses the power of the air.
    • Aerokinesis: The Air Totem granted Zari with the power to manipulate and generate the air, bending it in whichever way she wanted.
      • Air Blasts: The totem allows Zari to fire offensive or defensive blasts of air from her hands.[5]
      • Vortex Generation: The totem allows Zari to generate a powerful vortex to shield herself. It's unknown exactly how powerful it is, although in the medically-induced virtually reality Gideon put her in, Zari utilized this power in an attempt to protect the rest of the team and the ship from a bomb.[8]
      • Air Manipulation: The totem allows Zari to have control of the air that's around her.[2]
      • Flight: The totem allows Zari to fly and she can also give others this ability, as shown with a young Ray Palmer.[2]
  • Totem recall: Zari has the ability to "call" her totem to her if she currently does not possess it.[4]


  • Genius-level intellect/Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Zari is a highly intelligent, experienced computer hacker, as she was able to hack into an A.R.G.U.S. drone to escape from it. She was even able to hack into the Waverider's subsystems, although Gideon knew about it after she did so. Zari also wrote a program that could find "loopholes" in history for the Legends to use.
    • Bilingual: Zari capable of fluently speaking English and some Arabic.[2]
    • Expert engineer: Zari proved to be a skilled engineer, able to easily repair the Waverider. After the departure of Jefferson Jackson, Zari became the main engineer of the ship[8] until Wally West joined the Legends.
  • Expert combatant: Zari is shown to have well-coordinated fighting styles such as boxing, as seen during the resurrection of Damien Darhk and while saving Helen of Troy. Zari was even skilled enough to hold her own against Sara Lance for a time when the latter was possessed by Mallus.
  • Violinist: Zari is shown to be a skilled violinist, as she taught herself how to play the violin during a sedative-induced simulation. After waking up, she flawlessly performed Vivaldi's '"L'inverno" (Winter) Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, 4 'Winter': Largo'.[8]


  • Totem wristband: When Zari's necklace was burned in Salem, Ray made her a special bracelet that allows her to bear the Air Totem.[9] He also programmed it to have the functions of a smartwatch and a pedometer.[10]
    • Air Totem: All of Zari's powers came from her totem, which allowed her to manipulate the air.[2]
  • Suits: Zari's first costume was an all-white Halloween costume which she disliked.[3] During the Nazi invasion, Zari received a more practical suit in black and gold from the Waverider.[5]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow


  • In "Phone Home""​"​"​​, it is revealed that Zari is a fan of musicals.
  • She is implied to have claustrophobia, a fear of confined spaces.[11]
  • It is implied that Zari is either bisexual or a lesbian, due to considering Amaya to be hot.
  • Zari knows how to play the violin.[8]
  • Zari is the sixth character in the Arrowverse an episode named after her in a civilian sense, after Sara Lance, Felicity Smoak, Harrison Wells, Oliver Queen and Alex Danvers.
    • Also, Zari is the third character in the Arrowverse to have an episode title be solely her name, after Sara and Alex.

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, Adrianna Tomaz is known as the superhero Isis. She is able to use a mystical amulet (identical to her totem on the show) to harness the Powers of Isis using the incantation "I Am Isis", granting her power over the elements. She also has a little brother who becomes the superhero Osiris. Her amulet and her brother's powers were given to them by Black Adam, who Isis was in a relationship with. The two eventually married and ruled Kahndaq. The character originated from a Captain Marvel TV show before being introduced into the DC comics.
  • Zari's full name is "Zari Adrianna Tomaz" but it has never been stated on screen.[12]


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