Mary "Zed" Martin[1] is an artist who had visions of John Constantine. After meeting him in Heddwich, Zed began working with John with her psychic powers.


Early life

Mary had been born to a leader of the cult known as the Resurrection Crusade. One day, Mary ran away and had been on a run from them since. To avoid drawing attention to herself she stopped using her real name and started going by the name "Zed".[1]

With her psychic powers, she began seeing visions of John Constantine and drew sketches of him.[2]
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Powers and abilities


  • Extrasensory perception: Zed has psychic powers which come useful when working with John Constantine.
    • Precognition: Zed can look into the future to an extent. When she once looked into Jim Corrigan, she saw his death.[3]
    • Empathy: When Zed touched John's bare skin, she was able to sense his loneliness, pain, desperation, and guilt, and saying that's the things that motivating John.[4]


  • Drawing: Zed is a talented sketch artist.
  • Pickpocketing: Zed is a talented pickpocket.
  • Multilingual: Zed is capable of fluently speaking English and Spanish. She can also understand sign language, and translated the deaf Freddy's witness statement for Constantine.



Behind the Scenes

  • In the DC comics, Mary Martin, also known as Zed and the Mary, a psychic artist who met John Constantine in a London alleyway, she was recruited by an extremist Christian group called 'The Resurrection Crusade' to bear the Second Coming, which Constantine stopped from happening.


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