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"You see John, I've been waiting for you and you found me. I don't know what I've been waiting for and you don't know what you found. Question is, are we gonna help each other out or not?"
—Zed Martin to John Constantine[src]

Mary "Zed" Martin[1] is an artist who had visions of John Constantine. After meeting him in Heddwich, Zed began working with John with her psychic powers.


Early life

Mary had been born to a leader of the cult known as the Resurrection Crusade. One day, Mary ran away and had been on a run from them since. To avoid drawing attention to herself she stopped using her real name and started going by the name "Zed".[1]

Zed's paintings.

With her psychic powers, she began seeing visions of John Constantine and drew sketches of him.[2]

Meeting John Constantine

Zed Martin and John Constantine meet first time.

Not knowing who was harassing her in the visions, she decided to leave the apartment. But there, on the street, she met the man she had dreamed of and tried to find out who he was from him. The latter, however, tricked the conversation and then disappeared. Before that, the girl took his wallet and read who he was from his driver's license. Following his lead, she visited the hotel and broke into his room expecting John. When he returned, the girl tried again to explain that she was only looking for answers. The man, seeing that she was empathetic, agreed to help her and tried to show her how to control her visions. In fact, he used it to solve the mystery of Heddwich. Then, taking advantage of her inattention, he left the hotel. Zed went to the bar, thinking that this was where she would meet Constantine, but only found Pastor McGee with whom she decided to talk to, thus learning many interesting facts about the recent incidents in the town. After that, she returned to her apartment, where she found John. Upset, she told him to leave, but he proposed to cooperate, pointing out that Zed's valuable skills would be terribly useful to him.[3]

John in Zed's house.

After this conversation, they both went to the mine where there was a heart attack. They separated before entering, but then Martin spotted Constantine in the car filling up with mud. After rescuing him, they both returned to the town with new facts about the still dying miners. They also realized that it was not the pastor's responsibility, but someone else's responsibility. When John decided to blow up the mines to get rid of Coblynau, Zed brought Ellis to push the button, thus being able to avenge her son. Immediately after that, Constantine went to face the main problem of the town, and Martin was waiting for him in his apartment. When he appeared, the girl revealed that she would not give up, thus joining the exorcist team.[3]

Zed senses Jasmine in vision.

In fact, Constantine fled Zed again, but Zed, following her visions, found the mill where she met the armed Chas Chandler. The man, knowing John's warnings, decided not to run the girl off and show her around the location. After Constantine finished learning the spell, the three of them looked at the bloody map that Chicago had pointed out to them. John and Zed went to the scene to find out about Bernie Reed's mysterious death. To this end, they broke into the morgue, where, using the hand of glory, they resurrected the temporarily deceased, who pointed them out to Marcus Mooney. Following this lead, the two encountered a man who told them about "devil vinyl," then died, leaving them the last part of a clue - the name "Fell." Soon after, Zed and John broke into the Fell's house. The exorcist believed that a musician, Ian Fell, was behind everything, whom he attacked and accused of murdering Bernie. After a while, an armed Jasmine appeared, who revealed that she was connected with the whole mess. She talked about a contract signed with a certain Anton, which was to be used as a rescue for her husband who died 20 years ago of cancer. Everything worked out, but now the same soul trader has promised her that he will return her soul in exchange for the "devil's plate". Constantine decided to visit the soul trader while Martin was watching over the family.[4]

Soon the three heard the music and, guessing that it was a forbidden album, they ran upstairs to their daughter, successfully saving her. Soon after, criminals named Papa Midnite stormed the house and took the artifact. Zed then realized that John was in danger and decided to track him down with magic nails, effectively saving his life. Soon after, Chas appeared in the city, who helped the team with the search. They got a chance to reflect the album only thanks to the vision of Martin, which saw a white tiger, thus pointing to the local radio station. As Zed and Chas tried to break the transmit signal, John decided to tackle the main problem. Immediately after that, the team returned for Anton, whom she had brought to the Fell's house. She forced him to eat the contract, which was tantamount to undoing his terms and restoring Jasmine's health and bringing back Ian's illness. After that, the team returned to Atlanta, where they found a moment to rest.[4]

Training with Constantine

John and Zed in the park.

John spent the day with Zed in the park, trying to show her that her senses were extremely vulnerable to external stimuli. Back at the mill, the exorcist saw a sloppy break-in. He knew, however, that the criminal had no chance to escape thanks to Jasper's security. When they entered, they found John's old friend Gary Lester in an anti-gravity trap. The man explained why he had come to Atlanta to stay with Constantine. The reason was his addiction caused by Astra's death, which caused him to party so much that he ended up in Sudan. When he came to his senses, on one of the streets he met a boy, Okot, in whose body a demon was hidden. Gary decided to drive him out, which he succeeded, and then locked him in a jar that he tried to transport to John. At the airport, however, there was a problem whereby the demon broke free and started killing. Constantine left Zed with Lester and decided to investigate who he was dealing with. During this time, Zed accidentally touched Gary, feeling his pain, suffering, addiction and shame. When John returned, he explained that they were battling the hunger demon that was using the host, and when it weakened, he would use another. Martin handed the exorcist drawings of the boy she had seen through visions, and Constantine decided to visit the shaman. Meanwhile, Lester was fed up with Constantine pushing him away and not letting him participate in the case he came with. Zed stopped him on his way, refusing to let him go, but he, knowing her keen senses, touched her, transmitting pain, shame and hunger, and left. When John returned, after a short conversation with Martin, he realized where his friend had gone. When John brought Gary to the mill in the morning, the girl realized that the exorcist had imprisoned the demon inside him, which made her angry. She reminded him that he had tricked a friend who only wanted to be like him. The latter only shouted that Gary knew what he was writing for and had Martin set up a room at the end of the long corridor in which he had been sitting with Lester until his death.[5]

Zed and John in the millhouse.

For more than two hours, Zed had been trying to link her visions to the bloody map while John was repairing one of the artifacts. While Chas was preparing a meal, Martin's visions unexpectedly returned. She saw a little boy who was taught by his mother to shoot a pistol. Thus, Zed obtained a kind of connection with the map, which John was counting on, and they could go to the next place, which was New Orleans. After arriving, the three were the first to go to the mysterious alley where something paranormal happened last night. They found nothing suspicious, but did meet Detective Corrigan who was skeptical of "a bunch of occult freaks." But he knew what had happened in this place lately was not normal, and he took the business card from Constantine. Soon after, Zed and John checked into the hotel where the exorcist revealed that he was furious that he didn't know anything about Martin. The latter revealed that she did not like wine and headed towards the elevator. When the door opened, the empath saw the street and a broken tree, and then a car racing towards her. Constantine quickly realized that they were currently dealing with two phenomena, so he decided to notify the police of the accident. In the morning, John and Chas went to the place from the vision, where they learned about the death of the driver who had asked about Philip's hitchhiker before his death. After a while, Corrigan himself arrived, arresting Constantine, suspecting him of being involved in the accident. While his friend was away, Chandler decided to make sure that no one in the alley would get hurt, while Zed soon received an order from John, who made an agreement with the detective. She went to speak to the hitchhiker's grandmother who revealed that she had recently contacted a certain Papa Midnite whom Constantine had decided to visit. Meanwhile, Zed was standing by the accident road, trying to scare away the hitchhiker ghost. After a while Corrigan pulled up and offered to give him a lift themselves instead of driving the others away.[6]

Zed and John meets Jim Corrigan.

After riding for a long time, they finally met Phil's ghost whom they decided to drop off. During a short conversation, however, the latter disappeared, jumping in front of the car, where it disappeared again. After a while, they again found a hitchhiker with whom Zed managed to get along with at that time. The boy disappeared after a while, which meant that the task was completed. Corrigan returned to the street to Martin, to whom he said he knew a lot about her, but removed her file from the police evidence. When the girl touched the policeman, she saw him dead in a green aura. Not wanting to admit the truth, she revealed that everything was fine.[6]

Zed was in a painting school and like many of the other members, she was painting a naked model - Eddie. Suddenly she saw in a vision the snakes entwining her legs and she started screaming. For this reason, the teacher decided to order a fifteen-minute break, and the model in a bathrobe approached the artist, whom he invited for a date. She initially refused, but after reflection decided to meet a nice man. Soon after, she returned to the mill, where she tried to tell about what had happened to John. The exorcist became interested only after a friend mentioned the vision. So he saw a connection between the stain on the bloody map at Briarwood and the preacher who had risen and began to work miracles. So together they decided to investigate the whole matter, despite Martin's lack of faith. After reaching the town, they walked to the church where Zachary was preaching. They have witnessed the things he does, including the healing of the old man's eyesight. John also noted that Zed was an unbeliever, but their discussion of faith was interrupted by a preacher who began speaking in Enochian, the language of angels, which made Constantine suspect the preacher's power. After mass, they decided to line up to Zach only for Zed to touch the man and learn something more through the vision. So it happened and the girl saw the hand extended towards the angel. This made Martin believe that the preacher's actions were right, but John proved otherwise by going to the great pond where all the animals in it died. For he knew it was a sign that something was wrong here. Soon after that, Constatine was surprised by Zed's efforts to summon the Angel. The girl jokingly thought that he should ask nicely, and not perform rituals. When Manny finally showed up and found out about the Enochai-speaking preacher, he gave John a little hint, bending the rules of the Most High, then disappeared. Thus, the exorcist with the help of the confused Zed, using echolocation, tracked down Imogen - the angel whose feather was torn out by Zachary, which caused her to fall to the ground. They took her to a safe place, where Manny appeared after a while.[7]

Imogen reveals herself as a fallen angel.

It turned out that if the angel did not get her feather back, her soul would expire and she would cease to exist. So they decided to get them back after putting a protective spell around the shed. Some time later, the preacher was visited by Constantine, who was trying to collect the feather. The latter, however, inadvertently rejected the exorcist with a shockwave and ordered him to leave his home. As John returned to the tent, he noticed a man healed by a preacher attacking Zed. At the last moment, he managed to kill him, saving his friend. They both returned to the angels shortly after, interrupting their conversation about the suffering Imogen had experienced. For Manny wanted to know what it was like to feel pain. Knowing that the angels were short of time, John and Zed came up with a plan to try to support the preacher's compassion so that during a mass baptism in the lake, the woman was able to retrieve the feather. The whole crowd was interrupted by the attack of "ghouls" - healed by Zachary, which forced him, along with Constantine and Martin, to flee to the church. There, John ordered Zed to run to Imogen and return her quill when he himself tried to stop the ghouls. It was then that Zachary realized his mistake and said that it was all his fault and that everything could have turned out differently had he not killed a man by accident one evening. Thus Constantine realized that they had made a mistake, because Imogen is not an angel of Heaven at all, but of Hell. So he decided to run to the shed and stop Zed, but when he arrived it was too late. Imogen showed her true form, the Fallen Angel, and tried to run away, but the previously created protective spell prevented her from leaving the shed. As it turned out, she herself put a feather in the preacher's hand in order to be in the human dimension and then be able to live in it. Knowing there was no way out, she grabbed Zed and was ready to kill her if John didn't pull the spell. The exorcist knew he could not stand up to its power and pleaded with Manny for help, who could not interfere with the events. The Angel, however, could not allow this to happen, and took over Martin's body, tearing out Imogen's heart, killing her. After all these events, Zed returned home to rest. At one point, Eddie called her and informed her about the missed meeting. The girl apologized and suggested that they meet another time.[7]

Catching up with the past

Zed went back to drawing in order to forget about the recent events of Imogen. John recognized the Invunche sketches, powerful evil beings that had died out long ago. Suddenly, Anne Marie Flynn appears at the mill in an astral projection, asking Constantine for help and explaining the recent incidents in Mexico. She gives him the address where to go and then disappears. While packing, John explains to his friend who Anne was to him and at the same time forbids her to go, recognizing that she is still on sick leave. Much later, when John and Chas were operating in Mexico, Zed met Eddie with whom she decided to go to a bar. After a short conversation, she touched him and had a vision of him next to a large white safe and, not wanting to arouse suspicion, invited him to the mill. There, she started flirting with him when she unexpectedly attacked him, revealing that she knew he was her father's envoy. To her surprise, two other envoys appeared at the mill, who killed Eddie and began chasing the girl. The latter defeated one of them, but the other attacker, using special means, overpowered Martin and took her to the car.[1]

Eddie dies.

Soon after, Zed woke up in the truck and started trying to escape, forcing the driver to stop. When he opened the door, the girl threw herself at him, gave him a sedative, then took his car and ran away, leaving him in the woods. Soon after she got a call from Chas, who described the latest events to her friend. Knowing that John would not fight the demon inside him, the girl went to Mexico, where she and Chas met with Anne Marie, who was the only one who could find Constantine using astral projection.[8]

During the meeting with the nun, she had no intention of helping John. It was only when Zed revealed that the exorcist had a plan in this because she was talking to an angel that Anne Marie realized her mistake. Soon after, Zed appeared in front of the prison with Chas, who were planning to go to the prison. Chandler, also intending to go inside, decided to use the easiest way and hit the policeman, thanks to which his plan was successful. Soon after, to the surprise of John's waning, Anne Marie also appeared, who promised to help. After finding a suitable place, they began exorcising themselves. They were surprised by the fact that at this stage of possession, holy water did not affect existence. The process was interrupted by Nahash - the tempter serpent, whose aim was to finish the exorcist. But he saw that he was possessed, and was glad that they would soon be allies. Nevertheless, he attacked Chas, whose neck he broke, and in retaliation he was murdered by a nun with a mystical dagger. Soon after John awoke in the morgue next to Anne Marie, Chandler was also in the bag next to it. As the condition of the exorcist was not the best, they decided to move him to the mill. To this end, Julio collected entire supplies of heroin from all prisoners, which they then injected intravenously into Constantine. This gave them a way to take him to a specific location, but to distract the guards, Anne Marie used astral projection to create a naked copy of herself. After reaching the mill, taking advantage of John's unconsciousness, the team began to prepare the necessary things by tying the possessed man to the bed. When he awoke, he realized that he could not use the dictaphone because the demon would not listen to his voice. So he asked Anne Marie to perform an exorcism as she had the appropriate powers. However, she had to do it in Catholic, which allowed her to know the existence of Heaven and Hell. She agreed to this, warning Zed and Chas that at some point the demon would try to use their weaknesses against them. Anne has not forgiven herself for what she has done in Newcastle, and Pazuzu has taken control of Constantine. He started mocking his friends, trying to break them down and pointing out their greatest failures. Zed explained to the nun that she had to forgive herself as well, not only John, which would allow her to successfully complete the ritual. When the demon left the exorcist's body, Constantine thanked his friends for their help and would stay with him in such a difficult time. Soon after saying goodbye, Anne Marie persuaded Martin to tell her loved ones the truth about her past.[8]

Anne Marie banishing the demon Pazuzu from Constantine.

Zed was going to run away, believing that the mill was not a safe place and they might find her again. John tried hard to find out who he was still running from, hearing the name of the fanatic organization - the Resurrection Crusade - in response. When the exorcist found out that his friend's father was her leader, he understood her fears, promising protection as strong as his abilities would allow. The conversation was interrupted by a bloody appearance on the bloody map pointing to New York. Constantine understood that it might have something to do with Chas, who at this point was headed to his family to meet his daughter. They decided to prepare for the trip by taking with them many useful things, including the tendon from the Achilles heel. When Zed and John got a message from Chas, they went to the hospital where Chas was staying. There he told his friends what had happened to his daughter and stated that it was not an ordinary coma, as many patients suffered from the same. Constantine decided to check and found that Geralidne's soul was leaving the body. Horrified by the fact that some magician had managed to separate soul from body, he decided to contact an old friend who was a medium. Renee interrupted the conversation and returned to

John stay with Zed in the hospital.

the room. She was furious that John had approached her daughter and expected an explanation from her ex-husband, but he heard only in response to help. Soon after, the three visited Fennel's store, which began to threaten Constantine with a shotgun. He wanted to help Zed and Chas, but he was not going to work with an eccentric exorcist who only thinks about himself. Desperate, Chandler, however, did not have time to negotiate with the man, so he tore his gun away and knocked him out, forcing him to help. Fennel performed a ritual which allowed Geraldine to speak through his mouth. Then this one was interrupted, and the mysterious magician was surprised that someone was taking advantage of one of his victims. He recognized John and said he wouldn't be so easily defeated this time by burning Fennel's body alive. Constantine, however, remembered the spell cast by him and wrote it to Zed. Thanks to this, she tracked the location of the potential kidnapper, where the team went right after that. Once there, John deactivated the camouflage spell, discovering the mage's hideout, who turned out to be Felix Faust - a powerful wizard who managed to separate the body from the soul and intends to use it to increase his own power. Angry Chas, wanting to get his daughter back, attacked the mage, and Constantine had to make a pact with him. He was to return Geraldine's soul in exchange for helping the exorcist get rid of the Karabasan demon, to which the exorcist agreed. After leaving the hideout, John, furious with Chandler for disobeying him, dismissed him from the case and decided to act alone with Zed.[9]

Fennel's gruesome death.

John and Zed went to an abandoned warehouse, which was probably the hideout of the demon. Martin agreed to act as bait in order to drag the monster into the previously prepared magic circle. Once Karabasan was in it, Constantine tried to set the circle on fire, but the lighter refused to obey. Therefore, to save his friend from danger, he used a stun gun, destroying the demon with tremendous voltage. Immediately after that, they returned to the hospital to return with Chas to meet Faust. Hearing this name, Renee intended to help the team, fearing for her daughter. Zed decided to stay with the woman to guard her daughter's body. The women realized that the child had little time left. The mother blamed herself for being unable to help her own child when she found out that Martin was a psychic. She asked her to try to contact her daughter, which she did. However, the connection was broken and all the pain from the girl shifted to the woman. Doctors took care of the case, and Renee found the address she had decided to go to in the scattered things from the woman's purse. During Zed's indisposition, the team defeated Faust and the souls returned to their owners. At one point, John came to the hospital waiting for the girl to wake up. When this happened, a weakened woman said that John's mother did not want him to blame himself for her death. Surprised by these words, he lay down next to his friend and began to think about his life.[9]

"Gift from God"

Zed first time see real Manny.

Zed, using Ariadne's thread, found one of the quieter rooms in the mill corridor, where soon John found her, who noticed the pain of his friend who was actually trying to escape from her abilities. After a brief motivating conversation, the team drove to a local hospital where they planned to follow Manny's lead. When Martin touched the patient, she saw the light and the angel, and she had a seizure with her. Ham doctors commissioned a brain scan, which was performed by Dr. Galen. Soon after, he visited Zed, to whom he showed the test results. Everything indicated that she had a tumor at the temporal lobe that could trigger her visions. Some time later, the doctor tried to persuade the woman to receive treatment again when the conversation was interrupted by an anesthesiologist, Dr. Carroll. As soon as Galen left the room, Zed turned to the man, asking who he was. For she knew that she was hiding something thanks to her ability. Manny introduced himself and tried to reassure the woman, avoiding questions about where her gift came from. After a short conversation with the angel, the woman decided to leave a tumor in her body, which she presented to the doctor. He was not happy with his choice when Manny and John ran into the room and made numerous accusations against the doctor. He denied it, but then started to flee, so the team followed him, where Zed understood her visions. To make these come true, John decided to free Manny from the doctor's body, and then tried to fight the monster. Unfortunately to no avail, so for the first time he put all his hopes on Manny, awaiting his arrival. According to Zed's visions, a heavenly light appeared, to which Galen began to follow, taking him with him, and the very shard that was in his body merged with the shard of Jasper's diamond. After these events, Martin went to the church, where John found her. Soon after that, Manny also appeared, whom the woman saw with her own eyes. She was happy to be able to talk to the angel, so Constantine decided to leave them alone.[10]

After Jim Corrigan took over the deceased detective's case and looked at the documentation, he contacted John and Zed, whom he met at the bar. There he showed them pictures of his dead partner - Clement Dupree, who had been mummified. There was also a strange symbol on his body, so the team decided to check the grave of the deceased. On the spot, it turned out that he was investigating the case of the disappearance of three girls of the same age and linked it all to the theory of the Blood Moon Tetrad. The symbol itself was used to stigmatize witches in the 12th century, implying that the girls were abducted by a Satanist. He needed each of them until one of the full moons, thus making sacrifices to renew the new cycle. Corrigan got a call from the police station where he found out about another kidnapping. Meanwhile, the conversation between Zed and John was interrupted by the sudden awakening of a pulled-out corpse, into which Gary Lester had entered, alerting his friend to a designated reward for his head. Occultists and a detective visited the mother of the missing person, who told about their last quarrel. The three decided to investigate the matter in Vesta's room, where Zed could not see anything in the vision due to her confusion. For this reason, she went downstairs to the girl's mother, whose body was taken over by Manny. The angel saw the inner dilemma of the woman about revealing the truth to Corrigan, so he admitted that she is so much easier than angelic beings, that she has a choice and no rules. After these words, Zed returned upstairs to John, who decided to use a special ritual to find out where Vesta was. However, it mainly consisted of an electric shock, which Jim and Martin did not like, but they achieved their goal, knowing about the last whereabouts of the girl. They made their way quickly to the scene where Constantine noticed they were being watched.[11]

Jim and Zed kiss.

As expected, they were attacked by Papa Midnite's voodoo zombie, whom Corrigan had shot at the last moment. John knew time was running out, so he asked Zed to focus her thoughts and help them with her abilities. Thus, the woman obtained the address to which they immediately went. At the scene, they found the crucified body of a security guard, which was sealed with the same symbol as the previous victims. The exorcist knew that something was up, so he ordered his friends to flee, promising to call back soon. Soon after, Constantine met Martin and Corrigan in the house where the girl was probably being held. After finding the missing, Zed took her to safety, and John and Jim took care of the criminal. The detective initially planned to hand him over to the police, when an exorcist explained to him about the atrocities he had committed. He did not want him to spend only a few years in prison for everything he had done and to be released again, so Jim released him, ordered him to flee and shot him, ending his miserable life. After that, Vesta returned to her mother, and Corrigan spent time with Martin in the bar, where he found out about his future, but decided to make up with her nonetheless by kissing the woman.[11]

Powers and abilities


  • Extrasensory perception: Zed has psychic powers, which often come useful when working with John Constantine.[3]

    John teaches Zed the strengths and weaknesses of her powers.

    • Precognition: Zed can look into a person's future to an extent. When she once looked into Jim Corrigan's, she foresaw his death.[6]
    • Empathy: When Zed touched Constantine's bare skin, she was able to sense his loneliness, pain, desperation, and guilt, and realize these emotions were what motivated him.[3]


  • Artistic skill: Zed is a talented sketch artist.[3]
  • Expert thief: Zed is a talented pickpocket, enough to steal from John Constantine, who is more alert than the common person.[3]
  • Multilingual: Zed is capable of fluently speaking English and Spanish. She can also understand sign language, able to translate the deaf Freddy's witness statement for Constantine.[8]




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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Mary Martin, also known as Zed and the Mary, is a psychic artist who met John Constantine in a London alleyway; she was recruited by an extremist Christian group called 'The Resurrection Crusade' to bear the Second Coming, which Constantine stopped from happening.
  • Marcelle Coletti was a stunt double for Angélica Celaya in the role of Zed Martin.