Zelda Fitzgerald is the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and a friend of Salvador Dali and Ernest Hemingway.


Whenever Zelda had a look at Salvador Dalí's work, she wasn't able to discern the subject or meaning of his illustrations, presumably because Dalí would mainly use surrealism in his works.[1]

When Nate and Charlie were trying to find the Catacombs, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald came over and jokingly said that they're the most quarrelsome couple in Paris. The Fitzgeralds invited Nate and Charlie for a drink and warned them that the monster is on the loose.

Aberrant timeline: After listening to and being impressed by Ernest Hemingway's tale of how he slew the beast of the catacombs, ironically, the Minotaur attacked the establishment and slaughtered Zelda and everyone else inside.[1]

Current timeline: Constantine, Sara, Nate, and Hank arrived in time to protect the customers while they evacuated from or hid inside the building, preventing Zelda's untimely demise in the restaurant.[1]


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