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Zhishan (芝山) (died November 29th, 2012) was the leader of the Chinese Triad. He was also the mentor, trainer, and father figure of Chien Na Wei, after murdering her parents. Zhishan was killed by Helena Bertinelli to start a war between the Triad and Bertinelli crime family. After his death, Chien became his successor.


Early life[]

Zhishan grew up in China with an abusive father.[1]

Taking in Chien Na Wei[]

In Zhishan's youth, he became a criminal affiliated with the Chinese Triad. One afternoon, he broke into Chien Na Wei's home and shot her father dead as he was beating Chien. Zishan then murdered Chien's mother as she attempted to beg for her life before turning the gun on Chien. However, the young girl simply glared at him instead of pleading or cowering. Impressed, Zhishan spared Chien before leaving, but kept watch over her for the next several years.

After believing the girl was ready, Zhishan sought out Chien and found her running away from school after harming a classmate. Empathizing with Chien's helplessness in the face of oppression and abuse, Zhishan offered to train her and help her become stronger. Chien accepted his tutelage after dyeing her hair white.[1]

Leading the Chinese Triad[]

By late 2012, Zhishan became leader of the Triad. He counseled Chien after she encountered the Hood for the first time. Angered by Chien's fear after being defeated by the vigilante, Zhishan vowed to train his protégé further.[1]

Zhishan was later met with accusations from The Bertinelli Crime Family for killing their men.[2]

Zhishan was eventually shot and killed by Frank Bertinelli's daughter Helena, something Chien takes personally.[3]


Sometime after Zhishan's death, Chien Na Wei succeeded him as the leader of the Chinese Triad.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: While never seen, it can be assumed Zhishan was extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; since he personally tutored Chien Na Wei.



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