Zoe Lawton is the daughter of the late Floyd Lawton and Susie Lawton.


Never knowing her father until his military discharge years after her birth, Zoe was initially scared of him and ultimately became distant towards him. Over time, Floyd's emotional scars from killing so many people combined with Zoe's rejection of him eventually turned her father towards drinking; eventually, he became hostile towards his family, leading Zoe's mother to get a restraining order against her husband.[1]

After Floyd began his career as a professional assassin, he set up a blind trust for his daughter, putting all of the money he earned into her account. Despite never gaining Zoe's love or acceptance, Floyd still loved her dearly, and she was the only thing John Diggle successfully used to snap Floyd from his later suicide mission. Floyd's final act before sacrificing himself was to look at a picture of her and her mother.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, she is also referred to as Zoe Torres and resides in Star City. Once Deadshot became aware of her existence, he started trying to clean up crime in her neighborhood as an attempt to ensure her safety.


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